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I got put on the naughty list - bmyers - 01-13-2018

I have no idea what I posted that got me put on the naughty list at Amazon. The lowest review I can remember doing is a 3 star. I asked Amazon why I was banned from posting and what post triggered this response. In typical Liberal, we know what is best for you fashion, this is the response I got back from them:

We have determined that you have violated our Customer Review Creation Guidelines. As a result, we have suppressed all of your reviews, and you will no longer be able to post reviews on

We made this decision after carefully considering your reviewing account. This decision is final.

We cannot share any further information about our decision, and we may not reply to further emails about this issue.


Review Moderator

RE: I got put on the naughty list - bmyers - 01-13-2018

I spent an hour on the phone with Amazon, got to talk to some very nice people, but no one knows why or what I have done to be put on the naughty list. So they kept passing it on to the next level and finally the manager sent it on to another level and said they would have to get back with me because they don't know why or what I have been accused of doing to get on the list? They can see I'm on the list, but don't know why.

One thing of interest to me, each time I talked with a different person they initially called me by the wrong name and then they would type for a second and then have the right first name. I'm wondering if my account is messed up with someone elses?

RE: I got put on the naughty list - JRSC - 01-13-2018

Considering what their CEO has been up to lately, this is not surprising at all.

RE: I got put on the naughty list - Tom Mac - 01-13-2018

Almost like being on the TSA no fly list.... once on you never get off

RE: I got put on the naughty list - bmyers - 01-13-2018

Yeah, during the phone conversation, they kept asking me which post was causing the issue? I told them that is what I would like to know. All my post have been removed/deleted from Amazon, so I hadn't a clue. They would type and look, then have to transfer me to the next person.

As I told Rhonda, it doesn't affect me being able to buy anything, but I don't like being accused of doing something wrong and not knowing what I'm being accused of or even given a chance to defend myself.

RE: I got put on the naughty list - JRSC - 01-13-2018

I try hard not to give them any business. They don't mind making that big American cash, but turn around and crap on America and our people.

RE: I got put on the naughty list - Tsquare - 01-13-2018

Create a new account and use a different credit card to make any purchases.

RE: I got put on the naughty list - David - 01-14-2018

Sounds like what liberal Youtube and Google are doing to people.  Sootch on YT got a second strike for.....what?  I've never seen a disrespectful post from Sooth.  Yet other folks like Yankee Marshal can repeatedly drop the F bomb or call people the worst names and their fine.  And on Amazon I've seen replies to reviews that were disparaging yet never cause Amazon to take action.  And it shouldn't matter how many stars you review a product at.

It does sound like they may have confused you with another person.  Either way it's censorship and Amazon is too big for their britches.

RE: I got put on the naughty list - kirgi08 - 01-14-2018

Someone witched about a rt leaning post you made.IMHO.'08.

RE: I got put on the naughty list - bmyers - 01-14-2018

Considering my post our about products, not sure how they could be leaning to one political side? I do/did have several post about books I have read, Christian books, survival books, self-defense books, maybe that was enough to say Amazon didn't want me post anymore. Oh well, I will take advantage of good prices and not worry about sharing thoughts on items.