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IV Bag shortage - bmyers - 01-09-2018

Interesting how a Hurricane is now causing major health concerns throughout the United States, because no one realized that our IV supplies were manufactured in Puerto Rico.

Maybe it will help powers to be to realize how vulnerable our system truly is.

RE: IV Bag shortage - JRSC - 01-10-2018

I'm not a big believer in coincidences.

RE: IV Bag shortage - mac66 - 01-10-2018

I caught a bit of a show last night filmed in December about how bad things are in PR. I was surprised that their infrastructure is still in such shambles.

RE: IV Bag shortage - bmyers - 01-10-2018

One big advantage that we have here in the continental US we have 48 states to draw resources from. Basically we can move most items from one side of the country to the other in 48 hours. That is a huge advantage when it comes to re-establishing normal. For example the electrical system is designed to get help from other areas when things go sideways. Yet, when you are an island, help is much more difficult to obtain and costly to get.

RE: IV Bag shortage - David - 01-10-2018

When the hurricanes were coming through last summer you saw power trucks from neighboring States lined up and ready to go when the word was passed down.  In Florida, FHP (Highway Patrol) was escorting fuel trucks to S. Florida.  So yes, in the 48 states you've got major highways and airports available to ship in goods and help from a large pool of resources.  An island is another animal altogether.  If it doesn't fit in a boat or plane...well, you're kinda outta gas...literally.  So stuff, or pieces of stuff have to get to an airport or port and shipped/flown in and then trucked to a destination and possibly reassembled depending on what it is (in the case or rebuilding parts of the power grid/infrastructure).

And yeah, stuff coming from P.R. is going to be that much slower than it already normally was due to damage, staff shortages and a whole host of other problems.

RE: IV Bag shortage - Tsquare - 01-10-2018

It also doesn't help that there is major corruption down there. The teamsters union has more than doubled their prices and have blocked out independent truckers from working the docks. There are other stories of the graft in the doling out of the relief supplies.

PR has defaulted on loans prior to the hurricane and you also have a mass exit to the US because they know things are going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

RE: IV Bag shortage - mac66 - 01-10-2018

PR's governor is the head of the New Progressive Party if that tells you anything.

RE: IV Bag shortage - David - 01-12-2018

RE: IV Bag shortage - bmyers - 01-12-2018

I was reading that Bayer is opening a plant on the mainland and should have things back to normal by the end of the 1st quarter.

RE: IV Bag shortage - mac66 - 02-09-2018

So I'm hearing of major flu epidemics and IV bag shortages. Did no one get a flu shot this year?

I used to get the flu occasionally but not since I started getting a flu shot. I know some people are against them but the flu sucks more than the shot.