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RE: Gardening 2018 - David - 06-24-2018

(06-11-2018, 11:00 PM)ric0123 Wrote: Has anyone messed around with aquaponics or Hydroponics?

I've done hydroponics.  Works very well and you can grow a lot in a limited space.  Aquaponics looks cool and practical.  John has a good link in the above post.

RE: Gardening 2018 - Tsquare - 07-09-2018

Tomatoes are coming in daily. I do have a squirrel problem where those tree rats are taking a bite out of any that I let get to fully vine ripe. I am picking my tomatoes about two days before they are fully ripe. I am averaging about 8 squirrel hits a day with my pellet gun. It only shoots about 750fps so I am just pissing them off.

I also have Jalapeños coming in as well. To be listed as the hot variety these are the mildest jalapeño I have ever eaten. I picked the first one last week. It was totally green but about 3 inches long and so bland I was very disappointed. I picked 3 more today and they were just starting to turn color. Again very mild but if I leave the seeds there is a slight tingle but no real heat.

My Thai chilies also started to come in this weekend. They are just where they should be. Almost a military grade of heat.

RE: Gardening 2018 - bdcochran - 07-20-2018

An update.  The Cheromoya and French plum seeds never sprouted.  The radishes did not do well in containers with just potting soil.  The cherry tomato plants had a minimal production.  Planted larger tomatoes last week.  My Zutano avocado has fruit.  Still have a few lemons on the tree.

RE: Gardening 2018 - David - 08-04-2018

My garden has run it's course for this season.  I'll wait till the fall to do another planting.  Got very good results though in the stuff we planted for the most part.   Smile

RE: Gardening 2018 - kirgi08 - 08-04-2018

Ours outran our canning gear,shelters are gettin the overflow.'08.

RE: Gardening 2018 - Tsquare - 09-20-2018

Tomatoes have picked up production. I have more tomatoes in the freezer than I will probably use over the year.

RE: Gardening 2018 - bdcochran - 09-20-2018

The planting in large black containers would be deemed not successful. This is the first year for Zutano avocados and all but one fell off the tree. On the bright side, a lot of guava and it looks like there will be a great cheromoya crop in a couple of months and the same with pomegranates.

RE: Gardening 2018 - justsaymo - 10-05-2018

It was a mixed year for us.

Spinach, plums

Strawberries, green onion, basil, thyme, Jalapenos, banana & cayenne peppers, tomatoes, Apples, chives, parsley

rhubarb, Potatoes

Peaches, Pears, Garlic

Bust: carrots, lettuce,

Most of the fails were neglect though bunnies and birds got their share too. Harvest was a bit later this year despite the long heat spell after a very wet Spring.

Next year the plan is to expand the pepper garden, upgrade the tomato staking and more critter proofing. I'd like to make enough space for cucumbers and zucchini but it might be overly ambitious for me at this time.

Life is good.

Just about time to plant garlic and divide the rhubarb. Not sure if my fall spinach it going to come in.

RE: Gardening 2018 - David - 10-22-2018

I've been working so much overtime lately I haven't even been out in the backyard for more than a couple of weeks. Everything is overgrown and needs a REALLY good weeding. Not sure what or if we're going to plant anything this time around.