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Gardening 2017 - JRSC - 01-18-2017

The last couple of years gardening has been a big trial and error experience. This season I'm taking what I've learned and am implementing ideas and will post the results (if possible) here. Feel free to add yours as well.

A couple of ideas I'm hoping to work on this spring.

For some reason, herbs have been my obsession lately. I'm adding them to my list this season and hopefully everything will turn out all right. I've been studying on spearmint, peppermint, lemongrass and  lavender.How easy are herbs? Any of you worked with these plants? Any advice is welcome. I'm thinking of making a simple pallet garden like the one posted below. Don't know about keeping them there long term though. I'm thinking the heat of summer will devour them, unless they're pretty hardy? Maybe transplanting them to them to the Greenhouse project (below) as well as trying some fall weather gardening.

RE: Gardening 2017 - David - 01-18-2017

Herbs do really well for us.  Right now we have spearmint (my favorite for tea), lavender, rosemary, oregano and a few other things.  They're easy for us to grow here.  I just add a bit of rabbit pellets and/or some Miricle Grow every couple of weeks and they thrive.

The garlic I planted seems to be thriving and we always do well with lettuce (usually romaine but also red leaf and bib-style), kale (for our smoothies), collard greens, bok choi, tomatoes, onions, broccoli, swiss chard and grape leaf.

RE: Gardening 2017 - JRSC - 04-06-2017

So, what all are y'all planting?

RE: Gardening 2017 - David - 04-07-2017

My kale, lettuce and tomatoes are going REALLY well.  I let the lettuce seed up and replant itself.  Same has happened with my tomato plants that have started to spring up new vines.  And the kale is still going nuts and it's last years crop!

Very happy with it  Smile

RE: Gardening 2017 - Author Raymond Dean White - 04-09-2017

(04-07-2017, 12:46 AM)David Wrote: My kale, lettuce and tomatoes are going REALLY well.  I let the lettuce seed up and replant itself.  Same has happened with my tomato plants that have started to spring up new vines.  And the kale is still going nuts and it's last years crop!

Very happy with it  Smile

I've been doing the same for the past five years, but I'm going to have to start rotating my crops as hornworms are becoming a problem in my self-seeded tomatoes. My carrot bed (Scarlet Nantes) has successfully re-seeded itself for the entire five years with no problems. Broccoli did the same for three years then I had to relocate the plants to avoid cabbage worms. Red Salad bowl lettuce has been self-seeding for seven years now in a container. Red Russian Kale is so good at it I've had to pull plants from other garden beds. Last year for the first time I left some Gold Rush potatoes in the ground deliberately and they are already up and doing extremely well.

Purple Top White Globe turnips will also do this if you leave one or two in the ground to overwinter. They will send up seed shoots the following spring.

I got some potato bags from Gurney's and am planting Purple Viking Potatoes this year as an experiment.

RE: Gardening 2017 - David - 04-09-2017

Potatoes and sweet potatoes are on my 'want to plant next' list.  I'd like to follow how you'res progress.  I would probably do mine in very large containers like I've seen done on YT.

RE: Gardening 2017 - JRSC - 04-09-2017

Not planting anything yet. Frost in the mornings and burning up in the afternoon... the weather won't cooperate with me. But when I start, I'm going small this year. The attempts the last 2 years haven't been anywhere near what I want. Time to simplify.

RE: Gardening 2017 - Chico Bill - 04-10-2017

According to my wife the lettuce is doing very well and we're about to get our first harvest. We just bought some tomato plants and we're planning on corn, squash, string beans, some peppers, maybe potatoes, and several herbs. Our chickens have decided that spring is here and they're laying like crazy and we're picking up two more chickens on the 15th. We have had snow and frost as late as Mother's Day, so we generally don't plant unless it's seedlings in the green house (and we're still learning on that) until mid May-ish.

After the recent drought and water restrictions I want to turn one of our 55 gal plastic barrels into a plant watering reservoir, so I need to research that. I hear the restrictions have been lifted since our very wet winter, but if it comes again and we can only "water" on certain days, I want to have the ability to water when needed. Last year was a disaster.

RE: Gardening 2017 - kirgi08 - 04-10-2017

Try some medicinal herbs,echinecea/milk thistle/garlic.'08.

RE: Gardening 2017 - David - 05-01-2017

I had 9 tomato plants spring up from seed from last years plants.  I've transplanted them to pots and my earth bed and laid down a thick layer of rabbit manure.  They look like they're going to do just fine.  Kale is looking awesome.  Garlic should be ready by June.  Need to tend to my fig trees and some other fruit trees though as well as my herb garden.  The spearmint is doing well.  Rosemary needs a little work.

Grape leaves are coming back nicely.  Have lettuce shooting up all over the place as well.