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AR Pistol Build - Bob - 01-07-2018

So I am now the proud owner of a 5.56 AR Pistol - that semi-built.  More like assembled.  Unless parts were already put together.

Spike's Tactical Zombie Lower
Can't remember 10.5 Upper / Keymod rails
S&W parts kit for internals
Black Fallout drop-in Trigger (~3.5lb pull single stage)
BAD lever
Thordsen cheek rest
BCM grip
Magpul angled fore grip
Magpul Flip-up BUIS
Magpul 20rd P-mags
- I still need to add a KNS trigger/hammer pin set, but otherwise she is good to go!

27" tip to tip

[Image: fullsizeoutput_148d_zps44touchz.jpeg]