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Ultimate prepper truck - David - 12-05-2017

RE: Ultimate prepper truck - Tsquare - 12-06-2017

Toyota had a problem with the frame rusting through. Some trucks were more affected than others even though they were exposed to similar environments. A few more trips up and down the stairs would have had the best chance to do it in.

RE: Ultimate prepper truck - Tom Mac - 12-06-2017

Yes... Had a 2003 Toyota quad cab. It had a recall a number of years later in '08(?) for about 02-06 models re the frame rusting. Bad original coating of steel.
The dealer pulled off the bed, had a crew remove rust areas with air tools , and then coated all with anti rust goop... extended the warranty on the frame for another 10 yrs or so.
In 2015, with 100k, the dealer gave me $12k ( a little dealing , tho the truck was cherry ), and I traded it in for a 2015 Quad cab for 32k.

I got a new one since I liked it so much, prefect size and room for 5 in a 4wheel with enough room in back for normal hauling.

Turns out the dealer ended up selling my old one for $15k+ ( original ad online for $17k )
... holding value as orig it was 25k

RE: Ultimate prepper truck - Tsquare - 12-06-2017

The Taco's held their value better than the Tundra's did. They were also a better built truck.

RE: Ultimate prepper truck - David - 12-07-2017

Kinda reminded me of that movie 'Christine'  Big Grin

RE: Ultimate prepper truck - bdcochran - 12-09-2017

I enjoyed the video!  Thank you.

In a sense, I did see the ultimate prepper truck about 20 years ago.  To the eye, it was a normal long bed pick up truck without the usual quasi-military, "look at me" screaming.  It was deceiving.  When the tail end was let down, a dual compartment appeared that was lockable.  A commercial firm in Seattle, WA had designed a fake pickup truck bed insert.  When you looked  casually at the bed, all one saw was a truck bed.  But a person really seeing a raised truck bed over two reinforced cabinets running the length of the bed.  In one compartment, the guy had a rifle collection that would cause a person to drool.  In the other compartment was the ammunition and other items.