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Florida concealed pistol permit? - mac66 - 12-03-2017

Dave or anyone from Florida who might know....

My state requires handgun registration except there is a loophole that says if you have a concealed pistol license/permit from another state you don't have to register your handguns.  Kind of weird but okay.

Anyway, I've been thinking of getting a Florida permit simply because I can, I go down there to visit my inlaws several times a year and often spend several weeks  to a month there during the winter as well, so why not?

I've gone to the Florida online permit page and it says one can apply online but requires out of state applicants to get a fingerprint card from them to submit.  The directions are somewhat sketchy and it doesn't say anything about out of staters applying in person. Is goes into some depth about getting digital fingerprints taken for residents.

I've read through the online forums, applications etc and I am eligible to get a permit. 

So my questions are.

1. If I do the application online can I do the fingerprints in person at one of the centers they have?
2. Can out of staters simply apply in person?

My wife and I are headed to Florida on Tuesday to visit her parents at the Villages and then are going on a cruise on Sunday out of Port Canaveral.   Just thought I might be able to take care of this week since I'm going to be down there.

RE: Florida concealed pistol permit? - David - 12-04-2017

They have the electronic finger printer at the locations where you apply so I don't see why you wouldn't be able to do everything in person simply because we have lots of snow birds.  Many of the places require you to make a reservation though, which is a good thing as you're in and out.  Find out what place is closest to you and make a reservation.  It will save a lot of time and possibly a headache.  Also ask them to make sure that you can do everything needed in person.