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  Customer Service
Posted by: bmyers - 02-23-2019, 11:55 AM - Forum: Lighting - Replies (3)

As everyone knows, I'm huge Olight fan. Well on Wednesday my Olight S2R stopped working, wouldn't charge, wouldn't turn on, nothing. So, I contacted them by email and waited. Didn't hear anything til Friday when I got a response back that they were mailing me a new battery and tail cap for the light and if that didn't fix the issue to let them know. 

That is good customer service. The older I get the more I value good customer service. ETS magazine company is another one that provided me with excellent customer service. It makes you more comfortable with a product when the company provides good customer service.

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  Colt 1911
Posted by: bmyers - 02-22-2019, 11:42 AM - Forum: Good for a Laugh - No Replies

[Image: colt-png.528438]

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Thumbs Up Know the Cause Recipes
Posted by: David - 02-20-2019, 01:35 AM - Forum: Recipes - Replies (2)

Chocolate donuts

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Exclamation Storm
Posted by: David - 02-20-2019, 01:23 AM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Looks like we've got some severe weather right now sweeping across multiple States.  Everyone be safe!

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  Thomson center single shot pistols
Posted by: Rifleman 84 - 02-17-2019, 07:34 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

The I have been looking into these and I must say the interest me due the fact you can change out the barrels and shoot different calibers. My question is what I or anyone else would use it for, pre SHTF and post-SHTF? Assuming you have this pistol in your inventory, what specific task would you use it for, assuming you have all the other caliber barrels? Next question: what model would you get? The Thomson center Encore. (https://www.tcarms.com/firearms/interchangeable-platforms/encore-pro-hunter/platform). Or the Thomson center G2 Contender. (https://www.tcarms.com/firearms/interchangeable-platforms/g2-contender) I lean towards the contender, due to it’s .30-30 caliber option, but I also like the Encore for it’s .460 S&W caliber option. That leads me to my next question. How good or bad are the ballistics of .30-30 out of the shorter pistol barrel of the Thomson center pistols? The barrel length for the pistols is 12” to 14” inches.

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Posted by: bmyers - 02-17-2019, 11:25 AM - Forum: Defense - Replies (6)

Been working on increasing my knowledge on rifles. I have shot rifles most of my life, an average shot with them, but not something I have really gotten into when compared to pistol. Plus, I try to stay up on what options are out there to see if there is anything better that would meet our needs. 

I read the book Protecting Your Homestead: Using a rifle to defend life on your property. Without reading the book, I had adopted several of the key points brought out in the book. The first being finding a rifle(s) that is appropriate for your conditions. As I had stated in the past, our primary rifles are PCC in 9mm. My family and myself shot these well and can hit out to 100 yards, which is the longest range at the shooting club. This bring up another point in the book, which stated your rifle should be able to hit at 100 yards. 

Another item it needs to be able to do, is successfully take down not only two legged threats, but four legged threats. We don't have large four legged threats in this area, so the 9mm will do fine. The 9mm could be used to take down a deer (read several articles/forum post and didn't realize the debate that using the 9mm for hunting created), I think a larger caliber would be more appropriate, which I think the 44 mag lever action will serve that role well. 

After reading the book, I realized that we had adopted the key items in the book. It is nice to know that your general plan follows what others believe/have found to be successful plans. There is one area in the book that I disagree with which is our choice of PCC. The book recommends no less than a 357 or 44 mag. Yet, for our needs the 9mm meets the requirements. Do we have other caliber of rifles? Yes, but the girls don't enjoy shooting them. The wife has shot them all, but is not proficient with them. The girls are both very proficient with the PCCs and can load them and operate them without any issues.

Just curious what books others have read on the topic.

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Exclamation National State of Emergency
Posted by: David - 02-17-2019, 12:43 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (5)

Got back from the cruise and see President Trump did declare a State of Emergency.  Good.  He gave the House the opportunity to drop the agenda-driven politics and serve the American people and they failed.  Time to take the authority granted to him and run with it.

The libs of course seem to be losing their minds...again.  Good.

It's about to get very interesting.  Maybe SHTF interesting.

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  100 Reasons Kirk is better than Picard
Posted by: David - 02-17-2019, 12:17 AM - Forum: Good for a Laugh - Replies (1)

1. When Data died, Picard had a funeral. When Spock died, Kirk reconstituted the body, forced it's soul back in, and even got him laid along the way.

2. When Picard senses that Wesley is having emotional problems he sits down and talks with him about it. When Kirk sensed that Charlie X was having emotional problems he took him to the gym and threw him around on the mats until he got over it.

3. When Picard went back in time he brought back Data's head. When Kirk went back in time he brought back a blonde.

4. Picard's Enterprise was destroyed by a couple of Klingon chicks while he was stranded on a desert planet. Kirk's Enterprise was destroyed when he blew up a crew of Klingons, stole their ship, and resurrected Spock from the dead.

5. Kirk has caused computers to self-destruct by out-thinking them on three separate occasions.

6. When Picard was in the Academy he got stabbed in the heart. When Kirk was in the Academy he beat the unbeatable Kobayashi Maru scenario and bagged Carol Marcus in his spare time.

7. When Sisko met Picard he told him he hated him. When Sisko met Kirk he got his autograph.

8. Kirk does not play the flute.

9. Picard is from France.

10. When Picard has a problem he talks to Guinan about it. When Kirk has a problem he shoots it.

11. When Kirk screams it echoes across the entire planet.

12. When Kirk blew up the Enterprise, Starfleet built him another one and had it ready by the time he got home.

13. Kirk collects antique guns. Picard collects antique matrioshka nesting dolls.

14. Kirk chastises omni-powerful super beings for not being polite to women.

15. Kirk sword fights someone on a regular basis.

16. Kirk's Enterprise did not have a day care.

17. Kirk once ordered Scotty to fire a photon torpedo on his position and then he dodged out of the way so it hit the alien he was fighting.

18. Kirk has a violently deadly disease in his blood but he doesn't let it slow him down any.

19. When it's time for shore leave Kirk goes rock climbing and drinks whiskey. Picard wears nut smashing banana hammock speedos and reads by the pool.

20. Picard's name is known and respected throughout Klingon space. Kirk's name is cursed and vilified.

21. The only Klingon serving on Kirk's bridge would be a dead one.

22. Kirk jumps horses in his spare time. Picard owns a fish.

23. Kirk would never allow an "acting ensign" to lock out his command codes.

24. Picard quotes Shakespeare for fun. Kirk quotes Shakespeare to intimidate his enemies.

25. Kirk's jump kick projects 650 pounds of blunt force.

26. Kirk once made a cannon that shot diamonds.

27. Kirk defies superior alien beings on an almost daily basis.

28. When the evil aliens use a stun ray on the crew, Kirk always stays conscious for a minimum of 15 seconds longer than everyone else.

29. Kirk is on a first name basis with every single admiral in Starfleet.

30. Kirk once said: "You're the Captain's woman till he says your not."

31. When Sarek mind melded with Picard, Picard cried a lot. When Sarek mind melded with Kirk, Kirk decided to hijack the Enterprise and bring Spock back from the dead.

32. Kirk can shoulder roll at 127 miles per hour.

33. Picard's engineer wears goofy wrap-around sunglasses. Kirk's engineer wears a kilt and can drink you under the table.

34. If Picard's engineer has a headache it's because he wore his Visor for too long. If Kirk's engineer has a headache it's because he has a hangover.

35. Kirk looks good in sideburns. Really good.

36. Picard drinks tea. Kirk drinks Saurian Brandy straight from the bottle.

37. Kirk mocks Federation bureaucrats that he doesn't like and then proves that their aides are Klingon spies, just to make the point.

38. Kirk once became an Indian god with the power to resurrect the dead.

39. Kirk can beat a Vulcan at chess.

40. Kirk's love affairs extend not only across space but across time as well.

41. Kirk's dress uniform does not actually look like a dress.

42. Kirk looks good in a ripped shirt, and he knows it.

43. Kirk repopulated the Earth's once extinct humpbacked whale species.

44. When Picard wants the ship to go faster he calls down to engineering and asks to go faster. When Kirk wants the ship to go faster he sling-shots it around the sun.

45. When Klingons invaded Picard's Enterprise he carefully neutralized them.
When Klingons invaded Kirk's Enterprise, twice, he had a massive sword fight with them the first time and blew the ship up under their @$$ the second time.

46. Kirk has fought evil duplicates of himself on numerous occasions, always with screaming involved.

47. Kirk's greatest nemesis was the genetically superior ruler of over a quarter of the Earth. Picard's greatest nemesis likes to dress like him and occasionally cause inconvenience.

48. Kirk has punched out at least one member of over three thousand known alien races.

49. Kirk would never allow his first officer to get more tail than he does.

50. No matter what world Picard goes to, Kirk was there first and probably has an illegitimate child somewhere on the planet.

51. Everyone knows the phrase "Beam me up, Scotty!" The phrase, "Energize whenever you are ready, Mr. La Forge," doesn't exactly have the same notoriety.

52. Picard's first officer is named after a bathroom code.

53. Kirk once yelled, "No blah-blah-blah! No blah-blah-blah!" and made it sound important.

54. Kirk's hand phaser is sleek and sexy. Picard's hand phaser looks like a Hoover dirt devil.

55. When Kirk wants to talk to the Enterprise he flips open his communicator dramatically. When Picard wants to talk to the Enterprise he has to tweak his own nipple.

56. Kirk's youth was spent doing back breaking work on a farm in Iowa.
Picard's youth was spent squishing grapes with his toes in France.

57. Kirk fought the Greek god Apollo. And won.

58. The women on Picard's ship wear long pants. On Kirk's ship, miniskirts are mandatory.

59. Kirk's middle name is Tiberius.

60. It runs in the family: Picard's brother died trapped in a fire. Kirk's brother died fighting swarms of alien invaders.

61. When Data hijacked the Enterprise, Picard was helpless to stop him. When Spock hijacked the Enterprise Kirk fought him to the death.

62. Kirk's medical officer prescribes hard liquor as a cure all.

63. Kirk has heavy calluses on his right index finger from pressing the trigger on his phaser so many times.

64. When Kirk gets punched in the face he just wipes the blood off his lip and looks at it with a smirk.

65. Picard once wore formal Klingon robes for a Klingon ceremony. If Kirk ever wore Klingon robes it would be because he took them off a dead Klingon.

66. Kirk chops his own firewood.

67. Kirk once led a Mafia take over.

68. Kirk would have slept with Beverly Crusher by episode two.

69. In the episode "The Trouble With Tribbles" the tribbles bred at such a fast rate not because of instinct but because they were in the presence of Kirk.

70. When Deanna Troi talks about what she's feeling, Picard listens carefully and thanks her for her input. Kirk would have called it "pillow talk."

71. The emotional content level of Kirk's speeches is an average of 782 times higher than the level of Picard's speeches. If he's talking about revolution, exploration or diversity, it is 1,089 times higher.

72. When Picard has an alien delegation on board he invites them to a quiet dinner. When Kirk has an alien delegation on board he gets plowed on Romulan Ale.

73. Kirk is familiar with 20th century slang.

74. The main computer on Kirk's Enterprise once hit on him.

75. Kirk faced off against Wyatt Earp at the O.K. Corral and won.

76. Picard is a Frenchman with an English accent.

77. Kirk only requires thirty-two minutes of sleep a day.

78. Kirk eats multicolored nutrition squares because he's too busy fighting stuff to eat a normal meal.

79. Kirk destroyed 672 uniform tunics during the Enterprise's first five year mission.

80. 347 of those tunics were destroyed during combat with Klingons. The rest were destroyed by various women.

81. When Picard fought the Borg he got assimilated. When Kirk fought the Borg he blew up their planet.

82. When Kirk was sent to the prison camp on Rura Penthe he hadn't bathed or changed his clothes in days and was wearing animal carcasses for warmth but Iman still threw herself at him the moment he arrived.

83. When Abraham Lincoln appeared floating in space in front of the Enterprise, Kirk didn't even blink.

84. Kirk can break out of any jail cell that is located anywhere in time or space within one hour. Within one half hour if Spock is with him.

85. When Kirk disguised himself as a Romulan, he stole a cloaking device and used it to escape to Federation space. When Picard disguised himself as a Romulan he ate some soup and then got captured.

86. Denny Crane.

87. 87% of all Klingon opera is about the singer's desire to kill Kirk.

88. The other 13% of all Klingon opera is about the singer's desire to be killed by Kirk in glorious battle.

89. Kirk once taught an emotionless female android how to love. Then he broke up with her.

90. Kirk's evil twin womanized and swilled brandy. Picard's evil twin liked to have his scalp massaged by Ron Perlman.

91. Even though they haven't existed for hundreds of years, Kirk can still sort of drive a stick shift.

92. Kirk never dressed in green tights and pretended to be Robin Hood, and if he had, someone would have paid for it.

93. Even though Kirk often pauses between words, no one ever dares interrupt him.

94. Kirk went to the center of the universe, met god and wasn't impressed.

95. When Kirk says "boldly go," he means it.


97. Kirk blatantly disobeys one out of every five Starfleet orders just to remind them who's really minding the store.

98. Starfleet estimates that the average Klingon has a 36% chance of being killed by Kirk at some point in their lifetime, regardless of their age, profession, location or social status.

99. Kirk once kicked a Klingon into the molten core of an exploding planet.

100. Style: Kirk did it first, he did it better and he did it wearing gold velour and Beatle-boots with a space girl on each arm

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  SHTF gardening books.
Posted by: Rifleman 84 - 02-10-2019, 06:46 PM - Forum: Gardening & Homesteading - Replies (3)

A highly important, somewhat over looked skill. I was wondering if you guys could tell me about any good books on the subject. What do you guys recommend?

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Posted by: bmyers - 02-10-2019, 02:22 PM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Turned on my ESDA radio and listening to all the accidents. We were supposed to get less than an inch of snow and maybe a glazing of ice.

Instead, all ice, no snow. Interstates are shutdown due to multiple car wrecks. Local roads are closed because salt trucks can't get down them to salt. 

Multiple fire departments are calling for mutual aid, but everyone is out on calls and no one is left to respond, so departments are being told they are on there own.

Nice thing, we planned ahead and all kicked back in the recliner with a blanky watching a movie and hoping the power doesn't go out.

ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) -- Freezing rain is causing dangerous road conditions around the News 4 viewing area. Multiple crashes have been reported.

As of 7 a.m. SB 55 past US 61 is closed due to an accident.

Interstate 270 from North County to South County is snarled with ice-related accidents. There are closures throughout.

MO WB 370 at 270 is closed.

Westbound Interstate 70 is closed near St. Charles Rock Road. Eastbound lanes are moving slowly.

WB 270 before Dougherty Ferry is closed. 

EB 44 to 270  is closed.

South and north bound I55 closed at Rte. 4. 

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