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  How do you guys store water?
Posted by: Rifleman 84 - 05-19-2019, 04:04 PM - Forum: Water - Replies (15)

Water is one of the most important resources you can have for SHTF. I’ve been trying to find a good way to store water without getting that bad taste that bleach and chlorine often leave. I looked at the method shown below,


But when I went looking for what he was talking about all I found was some sort of daily supplement BS. My question is: what methods do you guys use and recommend to store water long term without getting that weird taste? Does such a method exist? If you have found such a method, how long has your water been in storage under what conditions and is it still drinkable? This is probably my first step into prepping for the long-term.

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Thumbs Up FNH FNS handgun series.
Posted by: Rifleman 84 - 05-19-2019, 12:01 AM - Forum: Defense - Replies (3)

Anyone own this handgun? How’s the reliability? I have a friend who owns the FNS9L with about 700 rounds through it with zero malfunctions or failures, but he mostly shoots on his own property out of town (Think private range) Anyone experience any issues with it? How’s the accuracy?

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Posted by: bmyers - 05-18-2019, 03:41 PM - Forum: Defense - Replies (5)

On GT forum there has been a lengthy discussion on PCC and the role of the firearm.

The wife and I went up to the range and did a little practicing, firing about 400 rounds. We practiced at 10 yards, 20 yards, and 40 yards.

We used the pistols (43, 48, 19) at 10 and 20 yards. We used the FX-9 PCC at 20 and 40 yards. We were shooting clay targets.

10 Yards

20 yards

40 yards

At 10 yards, with a little practice we both were getting our hits and doing well with all the pistols except for the 43. The 43 we actually moved up to 7 yards and then our hits became consistent.

We moved to 20 yards and the shots were hard. We both struggled with our pistols to get the hits. We switched over to the FX-9 and the wife shot it clean through without a miss. The FX-9 was extremely easy to  get on target and hit the targets.

We decided to see how we would do at 40 yards. It took a few shots and we quickly adjust our point of aim, which was at the bottom of the clay target instead of the middle and we could go through the whole course of fire without a miss. Didn't even try the pistol at this distance, but the FX-9 was great. 

I know there are some uber operators over at GT forum that can shot a gnat with a 1911 at 500 yards, but for the wife and I, the PCC will play an important role in our HD defense. Once again, we tested all our normal HD equipment at distance that are practical to the limit that I could see us engaging a threat at home and our system works for us.

As I stated before, what works for us, may or may not work for you.

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Posted by: bmyers - 05-17-2019, 11:36 AM - Forum: Lighting - Replies (4)


Video of the new PL-Pro coming out from Olight

Get yours May 24th ONLY for 40% off when you bundle the PL-Pro with our brand new magnetic

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Thumbs Up DIY calisthenic park
Posted by: David - 05-14-2019, 08:46 PM - Forum: Fitness - Replies (2)

My son and I bought the material to make a DIY calisthenic park in our backyard.  Based off this video:

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  Mossberg Shockwave
Posted by: mac66 - 05-13-2019, 01:07 PM - Forum: Defense - Replies (28)

Picked up my Shockwave on Saturday. Haven't shot it yet but I have shot my son's.  Not as difficult to point and shoot as it might seem.  Videos on youtube show it being shot from eye level like a regular shotgun. I found it fairly easy to point from a chest high position.

Anyway,  it will become my new truck gun and will replace my 18" bbl Mossberg 500 which I've been carrying behind the rear seat in my truck.  It is considerably smaller as shown below.   Going to have to figure out a way to carry extra ammo with it.  I have a buttstock pouch with my 500, but the SW doesn't have a stock.  Probably will buy or make a side saddle to mount on the receiver. Probably will add a sling as well.

[Image: gX5vqqb.jpg]

It fits in tennis racket case

[Image: lskuJEs.jpg]

I'm thinking of buying a double racket case so I can carry it and my Keltec SU16 (which folds in half).  Would be covered for just about everything. Actually both fit in this case but they would bang together without separation.

[Image: Wamive5.jpg]

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  A man
Posted by: bmyers - 05-11-2019, 06:15 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

During our area security/safety meeting last week, the topic came up about men. The general discussion was that men need to be men and I posted about it in the NZ training thread.

As I was sitting in my office on Friday, one of the gentleman stopped by and asked a question about what I thought a man should carry on him. I pointed out that carrying any particular item doesn't make you a man, they are just tools, it is what is inside a man that counts.

I said that in my opinion there are four items that a man needs and doesn't necessarily have to be on him all the time, but he he needs access to them. 

The first item, which is also the most controversial, is a good Bible. A believe every man needs a good Bible. 

Secondly, you need a good knife. My dad and grandpa always had a a good pocket knife on them. You use a good knife for so many different needs.

Thirdly, you need a good flashlight. You can figure that half of a 24 hour period is going to be in the dark. Plus, the need for a good light can come into play during broad daylight if you are looking into an engine space, crawling around in old shed, etc. 

Finally, a man needs a good firearm. The gentleman said yeah, I know he needs a Glock. I said nope. On the farm we used a shotgun more than we used anything else. Followed secondly by the 22 rifle. Depending on your need determines which firearm you need and yes I'm all for having multiple different ones, but you have to have ones that meet your needs and they need to be reliable.

We talked a little longer and I reminded him, the tools don't make the man. the tools only make the man stronger. The skills to use the tools are more valuable than the tools themselves.

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  How many magazines?
Posted by: Bob - 05-10-2019, 01:18 AM - Forum: Defense - Replies (14)

So what do you think is a reasonable number of magazines to have for a given pistol?

I know the world spends a lot of time worrying about mag springs.  No doubt they go bad.  But I personally have not ever experienced it.  I suppose if you were running 3-5 full loads through one daily it might, but between the number of gins I have and the frequency and amount I shoout any one, 5-10 per 3 months might be accurate.  

For my HK USP I have 7; 5-15rd and 2-10rd.  I keep 2 15's full all the time, and swap out each month (thus I know the mag is in good working order).  

But for my Beretta 92F I only have 2, and my Walther PPS, only 3.

What are your thoughts on mag count?

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  NZ shooting
Posted by: bmyers - 05-09-2019, 10:33 AM - Forum: Defense - Replies (3)

Tuesday, we did a training which involved watching the NZ Masque. We watched from the start of the recording to the end and asked the room to hold all comments till the end of the video.

When the video was over, the room people had a wide range of emotions on their faces, from total sadness to anger. It opened up a lot of great discussion.

Here are few of the key points that came from the discussion, which had both men and women, young (in the 20s) to retired folks. 

  • The first point was how long the murder had and how the police never arrived. It brought up a good discussion on the local police response time and how long 5 minutes can be when you are waiting for help and how much damage can be done.
  • The was a good debate on rather long guns should be used in church safety. After pointing at the approximate dimensions of the room that most of the murdering occurred in, those that regularly shot realized that one person with a pistol could of completely changed the outcome. Outside of the building when the murderer was shooting people, a long arm would of leveled the playing field, inside the building the pistol was on a level playing field.
  • Compliance was no option. The murderer killed men and women, ages 3 y/o to 77 y/o. It was pointed out if the group of men had just charged the lone murderer when he first entered the room that they would of overpowered the murderer. Yes, some would of been wounded/killed, but the number of men in the room would of been able to overtake the murderer. Yet, since they opted to hide/tried to exit, they were murdered.
  • We talked about how society has discouraged men from being masculine. Men have a responsibility to their families to be men. It doesn't mean you are a bully, on the contrary, a man is one who stands up against the bully. We can't allow the media, social activist, or political parties define what a man is and what male masculinity is. Men have a God given role and need to fulfill that role.
There was a lot of good discussion and I believe the biggest eye opener to the majority in the room was just how much damage/death can be brought to a place in a relatively short amount time that seemed like an eternity as everyone was waiting for the police to show up. 5 minutes doesn't sound long, 5 minutes is a very long time when a person is walking around your building shooting people. 

(Please understand there was NO police bashing. People were aware of the response time that police have, but until you see how the time can be used and how much damage can be done, it was a HUGE eye opener to many in the room. No one was complaining the police had failed, but just discussing the time and coming to the realization that they have to be able and ready to respond UNTIL the police can get there.)

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  Seeker 2 Pro
Posted by: bmyers - 05-08-2019, 10:42 AM - Forum: Lighting - Replies (1)

My Seeker 2 Pro arrived yesterday. I took it out for just a few minutes this morning, so I need more time to play with it to get a good feel. 

My initial impressions are very nice size, good grip texture, and I like it uses my standard Olight chargers. I think I would compare the Seeker 2 Pro to the X7R. The Seeker 2 Pro appears to be a miniature X7R. The light is a floodlight, with a decent amount of throw. Obviously the Seeker doesn't have as much light as the X7R, but throws a similar type of pattern. 

I need to get the light out and compare it to a few of the others I have to get a good feel for it.


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