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  Merry Christmas
Posted by: David - 12-24-2018, 04:51 PM - Forum: Forum News, Introductions and How-To Information - Replies (4)

I wanted to take a moment and wish all of you, my friends, a very safe, warm, happy and Merry Christmas.  Smile

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Big Grin Added another PCC
Posted by: bmyers - 12-23-2018, 10:08 AM - Forum: Defense - Replies (5)

My wife is unable to drive right now due to her foot surgery. So, yesterday she wanted me to take her to the gun shop while we were out running around. I don't ever pass up a chance to go to the gun store. We walk in and talking to the owners and I'm window shopping, enjoying all the different guns.

I look over and my wife has her FOID card out, which isn't unusual because our fine state requires you to present one before handling guns. Yet, next thing I know there was a rifle that they had brought out from the back and I seen her filling out paperwork. 

Of course I had to go over and see what was going on. As I started looking over things, I pointed out that the gun there looked an awful lot like the rifle I had been eyeballing the last few weeks. 

I got an evil smile and then told Merry Christmas as I picked up a new Henry 44 mag lever action Big Boy rifle. 

What an awesome wife!

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  Bump Stock Ban
Posted by: Bob - 12-22-2018, 02:58 PM - Forum: Defense - Replies (5)

I am personally in the 'indifferent' category:

1. Useless to really hit anything IMO
2. I can bump fire my AK without one
3. I can shoot my AK more than fast enough without one
4.  Someone will invent a work around within the next 120 days

And of course, one can always get areal class III if you want anyway for $200

But if tty makes America feel safe....that's nice.  Doesn't do a thing to protect you from the majority of weapons you really need to worry about.

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  rotator cuff experience
Posted by: bdcochran - 12-21-2018, 11:41 AM - Forum: Fitness - Replies (1)

The days of the farmer in the 19th century are sanitized in literature.  By age 40, most farmers were disabled because they had torn rotator cuffs or hernias .  There were no surgeries or rehab facilities.

I have had complete tears on both shoulders and surgeries in the past.  This year, I had partial tears and it has taken 4 months of daily pool exercises  to repair the damage.

Humans are not designed to lift and carry heavy objects.  Forget the pictures of NFL football players.  Get a pair of dumbellls.  Put one in each hand.  Extend your arms straight out to the side.  I have read that no human can hold 15 pounds in this manner.  I have difficulty with 5 pounds. 

I have a medical doctor friend.  It took him one year of specific exercises to repair his shoulder.

If you have a complete tear, no exercise will heal the arm.  With a partial tear and dedication, it can take up to one year to repair.

A few years ago, a girl friend tore her arm by simply lifting a suitcase.  It was a complete tear and she went through surgery.  Thereafter, we walked a hour a day in a swimming pool with the water up to our necks.  She also went to physical therapy.  Interestingly, the post surgery exercises are usually the same as the partial tear exercises.

I use a bicycle inner tube for the out of water exercises.  At one point, I used a rolled yoga mat under the spine and allowed an arm to hang down when extended to the side or placed stretched out behind the head and allowed to hang down.  In the pool, I experimented in what slow motions through the water would cause discomfort, if not pain, and slowly built up repetitions as the discomfort and or pain was gradually eliminated.

Cortisone shots will not eliminate a torn rotator cuff.  Gobbling pain pills won't.  Simply having surgery without rehab exercises and time does not work.

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  The Next New GLOCK…A10-Round 43X
Posted by: bmyers - 12-21-2018, 11:37 AM - Forum: Defense - Replies (11)

Whether you enjoy the aesthetic or not it’s difficult to argue with the reliability of GLOCKs. And although most of us understandably associate the poly pistols with double-stacks, remember, they do come as singles.
In 2015 GLOCK introduced their GLOCK 43, a gun I enjoyed getting my hands on at their media launch event. Just a refresher: the G43 is a single-stack 9mm with a six-round capacity and an overall height of 4.25-inches. So, why am I mentioning this? Because the next new GLOCK, to be introduced at SHOT, will reportedly be the G43X.

Our friends at RECOIL reported it earlier today, complete with a few snaps. And I have similar information from a reliable source confirming it. The 43X would be a larger capacity model – a ten-round gun – with an extra 4mm of width and 15mm in length (or so they say). The higher capacity G43X would go right up against SIG’s very popular P365.
So it looks like the cat is out of the bag. Allegedly. What new GLOCK would you like to see hit the market (and don’t say porcelain…)?


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  Judge: Cops, School Had No Duty to Protect Parkland Students
Posted by: bmyers - 12-18-2018, 03:15 PM - Forum: Defense - Replies (3)

Following the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida and the revelations of multiple failures on various levels on the part of those in positions of responsibility that day and in the months before the incident, fifteen students filed a lawsuitagainst the school district and the Broward County Sheriff’s Department.

Quote:Those named in the lawsuit include former school resource Deputy Scot Peterson, Broward Sheriff’s Office Capt. Jan Jordan, former MSD baseball coach and security guard Andrew Medina, Broward County Public Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel and three unidentified BSO deputies referred to as John Does 1-3.
The current and now former students who sued claimed severe psychological injury and trauma. You might have thought that given the sterling performances of people like Runcie, Peterson, Jordan and Israel, they’d have a good case that those in whom they place their trust had utterly failed to do their jobs. All of the defendants had multiple warnings that Nikolas Cruz was a danger to himself and others.
Quote:The lawsuit argued that the Sheriff’s Office and School Board “either have a policy that allows killers to walk through a school killing people without being stopped. Alternatively, they have such inadequate training that the individuals tasked with carrying out the polices … lack the basic fundamental understandings of what those policies are such that they are incapable of carrying them out.”
Both of those assertions may, in fact, be true. However…
Quote:A federal judge says Broward schools and the Sheriff’s Office had no legal duty to protect students during the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.
While that may seem surprising, the ruling in the Parkland students’ suit is consistent with previous case law. In Castle Rock v. Gonzales and the earlier DeShaney v. Winnebago County, the Supreme Court held that police and other public employees have no constitutional duty to protect the public from harm.
In her Parkland lawsuit ruling, US District Judge Beth Bloom wrote:
Quote:“The claim arises from the actions of [shooter Nikolas] Cruz, a third party, and not a state actor,” she wrote in a ruling Dec. 12. “Thus, the critical question the Court analyzes is whether defendants had a constitutional duty to protect plaintiffs from the actions of Cruz.
“As previously stated, for such a duty to exist on the part of defendants, plaintiffs would have to be considered to be in custody” — for example, as prisoners or patients of a mental hospital, she wrote.
As so many have pointed out over the years, individuals are their own first responders. Even the most dedicated police officers — those who don’t wait outside a building while a killer is shooting children inside — can’t respond to a situation quickly enough to save your life if you’re confronted by someone with a firearm.
That realization is no doubt a big part of why the Parkland commission that investigated the shooting recently voted 13-1 to recommend arming teachers and administrators in pubic schools. It’s the only rational way to protect students in “gun-free” zones. And the only thing those who fight against such policies and bury their heads in the hoplophobic sand accomplish is to endanger more innocent lives.


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  Hasn't started her job yet, but needs to take a break already
Posted by: bmyers - 12-18-2018, 11:56 AM - Forum: The Pub - Replies (4)


“I am starting a week of self-care where I am taking the week off and taking care of me. I don't know how to do that though, so I would appreciate any and all self-care tips,” she said in an Instagram video.

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  Marine Corps utility uniform, how good is it?
Posted by: Rifleman 84 - 12-18-2018, 03:20 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (13)

I believe the U.S. Marine Corps utility uniform (utility uniform is what we call the camouflage uniform typically worn in combat or everyday around base) is pretty durable, high quality tactical clothing with a good camouflage pattern, otherwise they would issue something else. My question is if it is the best? If it isn’t, what are the best camis I can get? What do you guys recommend? I am in the Marine Corps, if you are wondering.

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  More with KDE Neon.
Posted by: TN.Frank - 12-17-2018, 10:38 PM - Forum: The Pub - No Replies

Really lovin' this Distro and the KDE Desktop. I keep finding out new things that I didn't know were there that really make using it very nice. Anyway, sorry for not posting any firearms or gear related content lately, funds just don't allow it right now. Hope you enjoy the Linux/Computer content though. Thanks. Talk to ya'll later.

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  Two 2 liter soda bottle solar still
Posted by: bdcochran - 12-17-2018, 06:28 PM - Forum: Water - Replies (3)

Two liter, two bottle solar still. 

You obtain two or more 2 liter soda pop bottles.  If you are going to store the water, you need additional bottles beyond the still.

The still.
You are going to construct the two caps and the tubing first.

You drill the same size hole in two soda pop bottle tops.  You have already obtain a length of rigid plastic or metal tubing that will be placed through the caps.

How long is the tubing?  The part that is going to be screwed onto the lower bottle barely protrudes through the cap.  The part that is going to be going into upper bottle will be long, almost reaching the top (upside down bottle, so you can use the word "bottom") of the upper bottle.

You can put glue on the outside off the caps around the tubing with the caps pressed against each other, and there will be no leakage.

When you put a bottle of contaminated water in the sun and leave it, the water will start to evaporate.  So, the lower bottle is the contaminated bottle.

The upper bottle will received the purified water.

When the contaminated water is going to evaporate, you want to start with a gap between the level of the contaminated water and the end of the tube.  Hint- the evaporation has to go in and upwards.

When the water evaporates, it goes up through the tube, hits the ceiling (bottom ) of the receiving container and turns back into water.

If you have a nearly filled upper bottle, this is what you do.  You unscrew the cap from the lower, contaminated bottle.  That cap has never touched the contaminated water, right?  You then turn the clean water bottle upright, unscrew the cap and replace the tubed cap with a regular bottle cap or top.  Now, you have a supply of drinking water.

I made about 6 stills and have a dozen bottles to store the water within.

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