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  Just when you think it is over
Posted by: bmyers - 02-28-2019, 08:38 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (24)

I was ready to breakout the Spring clothing (Tuesday, we had temps in the mid 50s and was running around in shorts and t-shirt) and instead, had freezing rain on the way to the gym this morning.

Now they are calling for 3-6 inches of snow over the weekend with 15-20 degree below zero windchill Sunday night and Monday. 

Be glad when winter is over. Although, just reminded several neighbors, since winter is coming to an end, it will be time to prepare for thunderstorms and tornadoes. 

Besides switching out winter clothes for some summer clothes in my GHB, there isn't much changing I have to do in the vehicles. I will remove the snow shovels and emergency tire chains from each, but not much else.

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  How to make a butter bow
Posted by: bdcochran - 02-26-2019, 01:24 AM - Forum: DIY - No Replies

For purposes of discussion, you want to practice the mechanics of drawing and releasing a bare bow.  A bare bow is a one piece bow.  However, two things stop you.  First, if you use a real bow, you must shoot an arrow or you will quickly damage the bow.  Secondly, if you used a real bow with an arrow, you would either have to go to a range or have a long backyard with a backstop.

You want something that is like a bow.  Ok.  You obtain a 6 foot long piece of 1/2 inch diameter pcv pipe.  That is going to be the bow.  550 cord is going to be the string.  How are you going to attach the 550 cord.  Go to one end of the pipe.  Let's go fancy, ok.  Starting 4 inches from the end, cut the pipe with a slope down to the center of the pipe.  The slope can be three inches.  The last inch to the end has a cut line to the end at the center of the pipe.  Now go back and using a diamond file one inch from the end, file down a sharp groove.  This is where the top of the "string" is going to be looped. 

A regular string ends in a loop at the top.  Similarly, you are making a loop in the 550 cord.

At about one inch from the bottom of the pipe, drill a hole.  The drilled hole is done in placement so the 550 cord will not twist to one side or the other which you eventually put the looped end over the top of the pipe and into the grove.  I simply put the 550 cord through and tie it off.  I am not going to be taking the whole string off the bow. 

You don't need what is called a "stringer" with a real bow to put on the 550 cord.  Just step on the pcv pipe.  It is flexible. 

I used mine today for the first time.  Tomorrow, I will start practicing  with a finger guard. 

So, you can go through the motion -framing, rotating the supporting arm inwards, drawing from the correct position using your frame, finger placement on facial area, release with breathing, etc.

How do you get strength for the draw.  I simply ordered some rubber tubing on eBay, trimmed it to the length I wanted, tied the ends, and I am ready to go.

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  prime rib
Posted by: bdcochran - 02-25-2019, 04:50 PM - Forum: Recipes - Replies (2)

Google is your friend.

I don't have the time or the money to go to a steak house and obtain a cut of prime rib.  So, I researched.

This is the simple recipe.  I am making it today.

1.  the roast is left out to sit at room temperature.  Don't freak out!  During WW2, British officers were freaked out to see African troops being issued meat cuts and not using them right away.  Meat tenderizes before it goes "bad". 

2.  the oven is run up to 500 degrees before the meat is put in the oven, in an open pan.  This allows the cut of meat to be sealed and it will simmer inside without becoming well done.

3.  the seasoning is what you want - herbs provenance, Kosher salt, black pepper.  I don't put gobs of it on the meat.  If you want, you can first rub the meat with butter.  This will cause the seasoning to adhere better to the meat.

4.  the timing is precise.  If you want it rare, 5.5 minutes a pound.  If you want it about medium rare, 6 minutes a pound.  I do it for 6 minutes.

5.  Today, the roast is 3.34 pounds.  It takes my oven about 20 minutes to get up to 500 degrees.  The open roasting pan is put in for 20 minutes and then the oven is turned off.  NEVER OPEN THE OVEN TO INSPECT.  2 hours and 40 minutes later, it will be done and ready to serve.  It will not be left out to cool down.  It will be warm.

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  Strong people
Posted by: bmyers - 02-25-2019, 03:16 PM - Forum: Good for a Laugh - No Replies

[Image: D0369F23-6EEB-4D29-A933-8D8BE52B40EC.jpe...a6d06.jpeg]

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Video All weather lighters.
Posted by: Rifleman 84 - 02-25-2019, 02:49 AM - Forum: Fire - Replies (4)

I have been looking for a decent all weather lighter recently but I don’t really know where to start. What do you guys recommend for an all weather lighter? Obviously it must be reliable and durable, able to function in wind, rain and snow, as well as temperature extremes and high altitudes. I don’t know which fuel sources are better than others so I will need to be informed on that as well. The fuel source should be common and readily available, according to my understanding. Links are appreciated, thank you.

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Posted by: David - 02-24-2019, 03:35 PM - Forum: Forum News, Introductions and How-To Information - No Replies

An important aspect of being prepared is nutrition.  I've added a new sub-section under 'Food'.   Smile

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  MCT oil
Posted by: David - 02-24-2019, 03:34 PM - Forum: Nutrition - No Replies

Everything You Need To Know About MCT Oil

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  Shotgun grip/stock for HD
Posted by: David - 02-24-2019, 03:44 AM - Forum: Defense - Replies (8)

If you use a shotgun for home defense, what kind of stock/grip do you prefer and why?

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  TRS 5N1 EDC Tactical Knife
Posted by: David - 02-24-2019, 03:39 AM - Forum: Packs and Gear - Replies (5)

Armslist sent me an email this morning from a company called Fight Fast.  Giving away 'free' EDC knives with $9.95 shipping.  Looked interesting enough to spend $10 on to give it a try.  Found a few videos on YT about it so I'll toss one on here.

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  Folding knives Philosophy of Use Post SHTF.
Posted by: Rifleman 84 - 02-23-2019, 09:04 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (5)

This will include small fixed blades as well. How do you plan to use your large tactical folders and small edc fixed blades during SHTF? Obviously the larger fixed blades will be the knives seeing the most use during SHTF, but where does that leave your folding knives? What purpose would you use an OTF automatic knife for, such as the microtech combat troodon or the Benchmade infidel?

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