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  Ikea Ladda battery
Posted by: Wolfman - 05-08-2018, 09:21 AM - Forum: Lighting - Replies (3)

Afew months back while being dragged around the new years sales by the missus as her pack mule, we went into ikea and i stumbled across there ladda rechargable AA batteries 2350mah and picked up 5 four packs at £5 each. I got a 4 xaa nitecore flashlight for christmas the EA45S and needed some more AA's to feed it.

Normally i go for eneloops but i was tired and PO'ed, now several months later with almost daily use of the flashlight and batteries at work, home, fishing and hunting, I can say i am impressed with the ladda batteries and the nitecore. They last as long as the eneloop pros and retain there charge, manufactured october 2017.

They are made in japan by fijitsu (i asked ikea) and have the same specs as the eneloop pro's for less than half the price, they interesting thing is fijitsu only has one battery plant in japan now they rest being moved to china. The fijistu factory only makes eneloop pro 4th gen cells which here retail for £12,99 for 4.

Amazon basics high capcity are £8.49 for 4 and are also said to come from the sme factory. As an FYI the last amazon basics batteries i bought where manufactured 2 years before. They still held about a 70% charge, but still annoyed at getting 2 year old batteries.

So if you have a local ikea or you can get ladda's online and they are made in japan save yourself afew bucks and try the ladda cells.

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  DeSantis Invader Holster.
Posted by: TN.Frank - 05-05-2018, 03:04 PM - Forum: Packs and Gear - No Replies

Awesome design and a great price. What's not to love about the DeSantis Invader. Enjoy the vid.


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  Volcano Eruption
Posted by: mac66 - 05-04-2018, 09:00 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (13)

Just got back this morning from Hawaii and have been following the the eruption of Kilauea.


I bring this up because we were at Kilauea from three days this week including the night before the eruption.  We did a lot hiking including going down to the the caldera's floor.   One of the things to do there is to go to the overlook at night to watch the lava bubbling up. The authorities there were very excited as they started seeing more and more activity in the 4 or 5 days before the eruption.  The night before, we were amazed by the lava flow (kind of a once in a lifetime thing to see flowing lava).  The very next morning (after a series of earthquakes), the lava broke through in a subdivision down the mountain, which we passed on our way out to go over to Kona (other side of the island).

Here' is a prepper's tip....don't build a house (or a subdvision) on an active volcano.

I'll try and dig up some photos. Haven't had a chance to sort through them yet.

Here' what the caldera looks like during the day....

[Image: EeKeeRl.jpg]

here's what it looked like that night...

[Image: yzfTUW6.jpg]

Here's the view from Volcano House (the lodge at the national park) where we were eating dinner that night.

[Image: cdbfCmW.jpg]

The first two photos are from an overlook about a mile and a half from the lodge.

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  Israeli Carry
Posted by: David - 05-03-2018, 11:43 AM - Forum: Defense - Replies (6)

I've been in many discussions over the years in regards to Israeli carry.  If you are unfamiliar with Israeli carry, that means the firearm is carried with a full magazine and empty chamber.  It is a carry methodology that is effective in the real world.  Found a good video that goes into some explanation and demonstration of the methodology.

I became an Israeli Instinctive Shooting Instructor back around the turn of the century.  Although I carry with one in the chamber per policy, I would have absolutely no issue carrying chamber empty.  If anyone has any questions please toss them out.  The usual arguments against are:

  • It's slow.  If properly trained it 'may' be about 2/10ths of a second slower against someone equally trained in another method.  In general, those trained in Israeli carry are faster than the average shooter because of the level of training.
  • It adds a step.  It does, but again has been tested under duress in real world combat conditions and has not proven to be a detrimental factor.
  • You need both hands.  This is false.  You only need one hand, two is a luxury.  The methodology of training dictates proficiency with either hand or one-hand.  Particularly with reloads, chambering and malfunction clearing.  Which should be known regardless of how the firearm is carried.
Tossing this out for discussion and to familiarize with the methodology.

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  Pocket dump
Posted by: David - 05-02-2018, 08:33 PM - Forum: Packs and Gear - Replies (1)

That Tier One SF video where they do the pocket dump (the one where 3 out of 4 carried the G43) got me thinking that it would make a good thread.  So if you did a pocket dump with your normal EDC 'stuff' what would it look like?

[Image: 35813287194_5a57627f40_z.jpg]

Older picture but most of the stuff is the same.  Only differences would be that I've added a ferro rod to the key chain on the left.  The blue credit card holder is now black and is a security case with a zipper.  I don't normally carry the larger flashlight (Nitecore EA11) if I'm just out for the day since I have a Nitecore EC11 in my sling bag, but will carry it if I am out at night or plan to be.  The G43 may substitute for the G26 on occasion and the holster may (probably) be different.  But this is pretty much what I'll have on me if I'm leaving the house.  

So, what's your pocket dump?

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  Caffeine and Dizziness
Posted by: A3M0N - 05-02-2018, 02:46 PM - Forum: Fitness - Replies (4)

Hey guys, this may not have to do with preparedness but it seemed to fit into fitness and health. 

I'm in my mid 30's and have been having dizzy or tunnel vision spells when getting up from sitting or laying down. My wife "made" me go to the doctor about it. She asked if I was drinking enough water, I do drink water, but more diet soda than water. She told me to swap the soda intake for water, because I also take a stimulant ADHD medication. So for the past two days I have been drinking sparkling water instead of soda and have been experiencing some mild caffeine withdraws. 

Like I said, the dizziness was probably a specific problem with my medication, but the caffeine dependency is definitely a health issue I wasn't aware I had. I've still been drinking my two(ish) cups of coffee, but dumped my diet soda for flavored sparkling water.

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  Added another light (actually two of them)
Posted by: bmyers - 05-01-2018, 10:38 AM - Forum: Lighting - Replies (7)

A few weeks ago Olight had a special on their weapon light (PL-2). It was a three hour sale, but the response was so great that it crashed their website. So, they increased their capacity and extended the sale for 24 hours. I ordered two of them. 

They sent an email two days after I ordered them and said they had sold out of them and there would be a delay in getting mine shipped. I was alright with that, the price was good and I wasn't in a hurry.

They arrived today. Along with the light I ordered, they included two I3E lights and a discount code for 30% off an Olight M2T Warrior (limit 2). Needless to say I was happy to get the extra flashlights.

I got the PL-2s attached to our G19s. I have only used them inside the house so far, but they are bright (1,200 lumen). One feature that I really like is the flip switch to take them on and off. My old Streamlight I had to unscrew and then press in to get it on/off.

The Streamlights have been placed on the rifles and now the Olight is on the G19s and we will see how they do.


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  What do Spec Ops dudes carry every day? Every Day Carry (EDC) Pocket Dump
Posted by: David - 04-29-2018, 06:32 PM - Forum: Packs and Gear - Replies (6)

I guess I'm in good company with the G43...

Admin Note:  I moved this from Defense to Packs and Gear as it's shaping up to be more than just firearms and felt this was a better spot for it.

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Posted by: A3M0N - 04-27-2018, 08:16 PM - Forum: H2H - Replies (18)

I've done Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for a bit, as well as some Aikido, BJJ is much more practical - but expensive! My daughter does Kickstart karate in school and her teacher also teaches Shotokan Karate outside of school, he's a 6th dan. His classes are very affordable, much more so than any BJJ in the area. 

My son and I are going to try it out this weekend. Anyone have experience in Shotokan Karate?

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  Corrosion in EDC Flashlight
Posted by: A3M0N - 04-25-2018, 08:49 PM - Forum: Lighting - Replies (10)

I pulled out my handy EDC light to use it under my car hood a few evenings ago. It flickered a bit, shone solid, then went out. Took it inside and found it had corroded pretty badly. I soaked it with vinegar, dried it out, then again in a baking soda paste to stop the corrosion. I tried to find a decent brush to clean the body with, then found that the copper brushes I don't use from my gun cleaning kit worked great! 

So, now its all clean, had a rubbing alcohol wipe down, and is now drying for a few days. Do y'all have any tips on cleaning out something like this? Or how to prevent it? Would a product like a gun oil help prevent corrosion?

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