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  Test of no electricity
Posted by: Tom Mac - 08-23-2019, 04:11 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (27)

Had a GOOD storm blow thru last night.... heavy rain, 50-60 MPH wind.  Good thing it was fast moving.
But, got home soaked ( with wife and grdkid ; went to ballgame ) and of course power was out.

Flashlights and led candles previously placed in home got us thru the first mins; one in every room handy 
Everything worked just fine... pulled out gennie , fired up, had house running in 15+ mins.

Ran it for a few hours last night and 2 hrs this morning...( gotta have coffee ) to keep the freezer/fridge up and hot water.
Was just about to run for a couple more when power came back.
Power outage total of 14 hrs.

Just nice to know , all was set up and ready.... and actually worked as should.

PS... good time now to rotate gas for the year. ( keep 3-6 gallon stabilized containers always ready )
and check battery storage amount

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  Is it just me or are gun prices holding???
Posted by: Bob - 08-21-2019, 10:08 PM - Forum: Defense - Replies (6)

Maybe - just maybe....we have gotten over the Assault ban winds this time.  Or am I wrong.  

I almost think adding a budget AK or AR might be a good idea/investment for one day if/when this happens.

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Posted by: mac66 - 08-13-2019, 06:57 PM - Forum: Gardening & Homesteading - Replies (5)

Had to kill a skunk today.   I heard the neighbor's dog barking and growling when I went to look I heard the neighbor yell.  In their yard was skunk that was kind of crawling on it's belly then rolling onto it's side. Obviously it was sick or injured.

I advised the neighbor to call animal control but they wouldn't come out.  She said she was going to shoot it with her 9 mm.   I told her to hold off while I fetched my 22 rifle.  I have a single shot bolt action (among a bunch of other stuff) that is pretty quiet. I loaded it with Super Colibres which are primer fired and 20 gr, low velocity and very quiet. One close up shot to the head did the trick. The shot was quieter than most air rifles. In fact the neighbor didn't even know I fired standing 25 feet away.

[Image: 0XQ3lbr.jpg]

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  This video changed my thinking about H2H
Posted by: bdcochran - 08-13-2019, 04:46 AM - Forum: H2H - No Replies


I am a senior.  Can I still take a hit or grapple? Absolutely not!

The martial arts training may still be there in memory.  Realistically, based upon mock knife fighting training when I was much younger, I would not last long in a fight. 

I watched the video and then examined my fingernails.  This form of attack from a male is so unexpected by the typical bad dude that it would be very effective.  The damage would be very severe and possibly permanent.  It requires no tools.

Many, many years ago, I had to deal with a pack of I think it was 7 young males.  It was over in seconds because I seized the initiative by attacking the Alpha male with a stick beating to the head area .  There was no posturing, strutting or exchange of words or insults.  The video  approach would not have allowed the Alpha male to retreat without probable permanent injuries.

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  Did Clintons get another one?
Posted by: bmyers - 08-11-2019, 12:00 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (18)


Although, reading different forums, not being a lawyer, it appears by Epstein's death, now all the records are going to be much easily searched since there is no longer anyone to object to the records being searched.

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  Mass shootings
Posted by: David - 08-04-2019, 03:30 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (11)

Something a little suspicious about all of the recent mass shootings.  Q warned about this over a week ago.

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  US Secret Service switching to 9mm Glock pistols
Posted by: bmyers - 08-03-2019, 08:51 AM - Forum: Defense - Replies (9)


The United States Secret Service is moving forward with plans to outfit its agents with Glock 9 millimeter (mm) pistols to replace the agency's existing Sig Sauer .357-caliber duty weapons -- part of a larger move among U.S. law enforcement agencies towards the lighter, more efficient guns.

“The Secret Service has been one of the few agencies that has maintained Sig Sauer as a permanent duty weapon for more than 20 years,” said Donald J. Mihalek, a retired senior Secret Service agent and ABC News contributor.

The Secret Service and Glock declined to comment on the move, but a federal official with direct knowledge of the deal confirmed the agency's plan to switch to the Glock 9 mm pistols. Details of the new deal were recently posted on fedbizops.gov, the federal government's website for posting procurement opportunities above $25,000 for private sector companies.

The Secret Service -- whose primary mission is to protect presidents, vice-presidents and their families -- employs about 3,200 special agents, 1,300 uniformed officers and more than 2,000 other support personnel, according to its website.

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  Home FAK container(s)
Posted by: David - 08-02-2019, 01:04 AM - Forum: First Aid - Replies (7)

I'm looking to consolidate my home FAK into one-to-three tackle box type containers.  One for normal boo-boos, one that is more of a trauma kit and perhaps another.  Thinking about going to HFT next week to see what they've got that may work inexpensively.

Anyone use some type of set up like that for the home or even a vehicle?

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  Glock's Armorer course
Posted by: Tom Mac - 07-31-2019, 02:43 PM - Forum: Firearm Maintenance, modifications and ballistics - Replies (3)

Just completed a one day Glock Armorer course...
knowledge is a good thing !

Nice course, learned quite a bit about full stripping of glocks. ( not that they usu need much work )
Interesting is that gun function is more base on inspection and replace as needed over round count.

Instructor Jim Greene ( NC ) was very good.

PS... the new Glock 48 is a sweet thin gun / 10 rounds

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  Generating Power and Abandoned missile silos?
Posted by: Rifleman 84 - 07-29-2019, 02:40 AM - Forum: Gardening & Homesteading - Replies (2)

In another thread, I asked about generating power for a bunker, since I didn't get as many answers as I would like, I believed it was worthy of it's own thread. The three options I am looking at are, hydroelectric, solar, and geothermal. both hydroelectric and geothermal require water, so that could limit property options. And geothermal requires geothermal activity, further limiting property options. There is a generator called a seebeck generator which is useable to create power, shown here,


My problem with solar is it screams, "look at me! I have power!" What is the best way to conceal solar panels from view while still gathering sufficient energy? What are the best options for geothermal and hydroelectric power? What would be the best way to conceal these power sources? Which of these is the best overall? Or which combination would be the best overall?

Another question. I have heard stories of guys who were able to buy abandoned missile silos and turn them into bunkers. Does that still happen? How much does it cost? I haven't heard of any, but I would like to get one in Montana, if possible. It's probably a pipe dream to find one with the property criteria I have, anyway.

Original bunker thread.


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