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  Downshifting caliber...
Posted by: ratf51 - 11-08-2019, 05:40 PM - Forum: Defense - Replies (13)

Has anyone here shifted from a larger caliber to a smaller caliber and why?

I went to the range a couple of weeks ago and am beginning to realize I have some hand issues related to age. For the past 13 years 40S&W has been my go to round. A G22 is my nightstand gun and a 4th gen G23 is basically my edc. I am seriously considering a downshift to 9mm. With the self defense ammo available today I have no qualms about it. The logical thing to do would be to replace my 22/23 with a 17/19 pair. That way my current holsters will continue to work. Or spring for something totally different.

So, just wondering if anyone has been through this shift and, if so, what your story is.

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  3 Techniques Predators Use to Hunt Women | by Corinne Mosher
Posted by: David - 11-08-2019, 12:42 PM - Forum: Defense - No Replies

3 Techniques Predators Use to Hunt Women | by Corinne Mosher

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  Good gun deals
Posted by: David - 11-03-2019, 04:53 PM - Forum: Defense - Replies (13)

First deal was a S&W Bodyguard in FDE with the laser and five mags.  One mag has an extended pinky extension and one has the big extension allowing for 10-rounds.  $350.

Second deal was for two pistols.  One was a Sig P365 two-tone (silver slide over black frame).  Two 10-round mags.  It's a red label the gentleman bought from Bass Pro so I'm assuming that means it's been back to Sig and refurbished with all the newest parts.  Looks spotless like it hasn't been fired.  Second pistol in this deal was a Gen 5 Glock 19 with three mags.  The frame is beveled with the slide.  Doesn't look like it's been fired either.  $700 for both!  He tossed in 50 rounds of FMJ and 50 rounds of HP's.

Wife liked the S&W Bodyguard and I intended that it would be for her.  She likes the 'idea' of my LCP i.e. the size and weight but she is recoil sensitive and it really bothers her hand to shoot it, even with the Hogue Handal.  This BG is a bit bigger and slightly heavier but with the pinky extension gives her a full purchase on the grip so I figure it will be overall better for her. 

I bought the Sig for my son since he was wanting something smaller that the Shield.  Since this one looks to have been back to Sig (red label on the outside of the box) and being sold at Bass Pro just a couple of weeks ago I figure it 'should' have all the upgrades.  I'll shoot Sig an email with the serial number and verify.  For basically $350 I couldn't pass it up.  Seller paid $499 for it a couple of weeks ago.

Glock is for me.  I had a G19.5 couple of years ago but never got around to shooting it.  Been wanting one off and on and again, for basically $350 I couldn't pass it up.  Seller also bought it a BP a couple of weeks ago for $599 which to me is too much for a stock Glock. 

Said he had a lot of gift cards and such so it was basically 'free' money to him which is why he didn't care about the hit he took.  Looking for something else I suppose, didn't ask. 

Pretty much the only thing I'll need to do is paint the front sight on the BG for easier visibility and put some night sights on the Glock.

[Image: 49007595942_6e1309e659_z.jpg]

[Image: 49007595982_95216a463b_z.jpg]

[Image: 49007381971_40cab0cfb0_z.jpg]

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  Woods carry: Revolver
Posted by: David - 11-02-2019, 02:02 AM - Forum: Defense - Replies (12)

I've got my Glock 22 in 40S&W for primary woods carry.  However, for a while I've thought a little .38 special would also be a dandy little choice for the woods, particularly as a 'snake gun'.  Looking at the shop I usually deal with, they have the Taurus 856 at some very good prices.  Taurus has a $25 and $30 rebate right now till the end of the month as well.  Thinking about this one maybe:

Taurus 856

[Image: Taurus-856-Ultra-Lite-2-856029ULC13-7253....jpg_1.jpg]

Comes in different colors.  The above looks red to me but is marketed as Burnt Orange.  I like this color for a 'woods' gun because of the visibility.  The 856 is based on the Taurus 85 but is 6-shots.  I've had several of the 85's and always liked them quite well.  I think they're a good little solid revolver that is inexpensive.  Someone on GT a while back was talking about carrying a little 5-shot revolver as a woods carry gun because he often worked some type of construction in woodsy/rural/watery/swampy areas.  His primary purpose was for snake protection.  Figure a couple of snake shot rounds in the cylinder and then maybe something like a 158 grain wadcutter or something similar.  I'll have to put some thought into that. 

Thoughts welcome. Smile

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  Our Sheriff Department switching to 9mm.
Posted by: bmyers - 10-31-2019, 10:07 AM - Forum: Defense - Replies (3)

I seen this in an article about our county budget for next year.

The department is also switching from .40 caliber to 9mm handguns. With a trade-in from Glock, the cost per gun is about $185.

I wish I could get in on that deal and pick up some Glocks for $185.

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  Potential fire response
Posted by: bdcochran - 10-30-2019, 03:44 PM - Forum: DIY - Replies (1)

I live about two miles from one of the major fires and will explain a simple DIY.

First, the acknowledgments:
1.  you have no control over the neighbors and their palm trees, poorly maintained roofing systems, accumulated junk in the yards.
2.  you have no control over the water pressure coming to your home.

I had a commercial company replace the roofing system with fire resistant tiles.  Of course, you can do that yourself.  I timed my next neighbor who did it all himself (and should have worked on replacing termite ridden headers and broken spliters, but didn't).  It took him one whole year to do his roof by himself.  This was in addition to the garage roof which was another 6 month project.

What I did was design a roof line fire suppression system working off city water pressure.  Originally, and this was years ago, an alarm company assured me that it could rig up an on-off system operated by telephone.  When push came to shove, it wasn't able to perform.  So, there is a simple, hand operated on-off switch for the garage roof and a separate hand operated on-off switch for the house roofline.

The concept was to run an inverted metal sprinkler system a couple of feet along the ridge line.  Wouldn't be obvious from ground level unless one was looking for it.  Had the handyman install as I have an aversion to going on roofs.

I showed my neighbors how to operate if I were not at home.

Now I explain how these fires blossom and expand, many times without actual flames hitting a house.

If the winds are hot enough, they will blow out windows and set fires.  So, you want a sheeting of water along side the house.  The sheet of water absorbs the heat before it hits the house, hopefully.

When you hear about burning embers flying through the air, they will go under the eaves of a house.  So by having a sheet of water, you stand a better chance of dealing with the flying embers.  Think about it logically.  The house stops the embers.  It is less likely that in a fire windstorm that an ember will drop out of the sky and simply sit on a roof.

Today, the electronics are better.  If my girlfriend can go on her cell phone and check and change the thermostat in her home, someone can use a cell phone to turn on and off a roofline fire suppression set up.

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Thumbs Down Glock Talk
Posted by: David - 10-28-2019, 03:29 PM - Forum: Defense - Replies (5)

After 20 years I'm thinking about walking away from Glock Talk.  Too be honest, the moderation is piss poor and the trolls are getting thick as thieves.  People feel too free/safe to crap in people's threads and the mods don't moderate.  Getting to be more trouble than it's worth.  I find myself drawn into arguing with these idiots and I don't like how I'm becoming over there or how I feel about it.  Not worth the bother. 

Just venting. Angry

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Question Any upcoming purchases?
Posted by: David - 10-28-2019, 12:59 PM - Forum: Defense - Replies (10)

Couple of times a year the Sheriff offers a leave buy-back.  I'm almost maxed out on vacation time so I've started to participate in the last year.  I'm selling back 50 hours in November so I'll get a fat check at the end of the month.  Wife's letting me keep it as my stash money this time, lol. 

So thinking about 'stuff to get'.  Too be honest, there really isn't anything I 'need' and I feel I have all my niches covered from a defense perspective.  But sometimes it's nice to indulge the 'wants'.  Not really sure what I want though.  I'll likely get some more ammo so I'll be looking for some good free shipping deals on maybe a case of 9mm.  Maybe stock up a bit more on .223/.556 and a little bit of .380 for the LCP. 

As far as new guns...

I looked at my buddies new 365XL yesterday after work.  It's nice of course.  First time I've held one.  Flat trigger is nice.  I like the Xray sights.  With his LEO discount he got it from Osage County for $507 with free shipping.  Add on $20 for the FFL and he was OTD for $527 which I suppose isn't a bad price.  I did like the trigger but I don't know if I'm cocoo for cocopuffs over the pistol.  It's a thought but not sure yet. 

The Taurus G2 c/s is almost too inexpensive to pass up for a 'just because' pistol.  My local guy has them as low as $175 new.  He doesn't have the G3 yet but would imagine very low $200's when he does get them. 

For some reason that Muddy Girl pink camo LCPII on PSA for $199 caught my eye.  Cheapest I've seen the II version and it matches my very manly LCP in the same pattern Big Grin 

Tossing around an AK.  Bob has a nice one.  My brother loves his and the ammo is a lot cheaper than AR.  I like the 7.62x39 round.  Really starting to think about adding one of these, however, limited knowledge on them as far as who makes a good one, what to look for etc.  If anyone has some pearls of wisdom on a good AK I'm all ears. 

I haven't had a revolve in years.  Tossing around adding a .38 or .357 just to have one.  Also be good as a show-n-tell when I teach my next CCW class. 

Some type of a .45acp would be nice.  I very much liked the Sig P250 I had in .45acp and probably should have hung onto it.  If I came across another it would be tempting.

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  S&W M&P Shield 9mm 2.0
Posted by: mac66 - 10-27-2019, 03:58 PM - Forum: Testing and Evaluations - Replies (5)

I just traded a Ruger SR22s for a Shield 9mm.  I have/had two SR22s which are a lot of fun to shoot, but only needed one. I put it up for sale on a local forum and got the trade offer for the Shield. I've never owned an M&P S&W so I thought I would give it a try. The previous owner claimed he only put 75 rounds though it and it was in very good/excellent/like new condition.  This particular Shield came with a built in (i.e molded into the frame) Crimson Trace red laser. The laser is activated by a small red button on either side of the frame forward of the trigger guard.  I've never used a laser on a pistol before so this will be a new experience. It also came with 2 mags, one 7 rounder and an extended 8 rounder in a zippered portfolio case and a molded Kydex IWB holster. It is a single action/striker fired pistol and it also has an external thumb safety which isn't a bad thing IMO. I tend to pocket/IWB carry without a holster so a striker fired pistol with a safety is appreciated. It also has a variation of the pivoting trigger block safety.

[Image: gq77g76.jpg]

I thought I it was a fair trade since Shields regularly run under $300 and now with the rebate (gift card) hover around $250. The ones with the laser runs $350 after rebate at PSA which is about the cheapest I've found. I paid $275 for my SR22 with 3 mags.

[Image: 6aC6TyV.jpg]

The only thing I have size wise to compare it too is my Ruger LC9 and it is pretty much the same size and weight. I pretty much EDC the LC9 which has a belt clip and Hogue handle grip on it. It too is a 7 shot but unlike the Shield it is a double action. The LC9 also has a external thumb safety which I never use because of the double action trigger. The LCP also has a magazine disconnect safety which isn't really an issue since I am unlikely to have to fire it without the mag in place. The LC9 includes a loaded chamber indicator and a key to lock the pistol. I've never used the lock, the key being stashed in the original box. The chamber indicator is meh. Just one more useless thing to hang on the pistol. Having said that, the LC9 has proven to be a reliable EDC piece. I've considered the striker fired version (LC9s, LC9s Pro or EC9) but the LC9 works and isn't worth trading up for. It just fills it's purpose.

[Image: qt8E4LU.jpg]

The Shield is a little different animal. It's single action, striker fired and is the same size, weight, dimensions and capacity as the LC9.  It has better sights, better grip and a laser.  I've been rather ambivalent about the M&P series except for the cost as they are a good deal. My son bought a full size 9mm the last time they had a big rebate. It was an okay pistol but I found the full size grip uncomfortable and it did nothing better than any other poly framed wonder 9.

Shown below with extended 8 round mag

[Image: 3XbvA2Z.jpg]

One thing I already dislike about the Shield is the button for the laser. It is very hard to manipulate. By hard I mean it is difficult to depress to both turn it on and off. Takes some real effort to activate it. You literally have to hold it in your weak hand and very purposely depress the button with you strong side index finger. I suppose they did that on purpose to keep it from being accidentally activated. I don't really see myself using the laser except at the range so it remains to be seen if it is even an issue. The safety is also very small and flush against the side of the gun. Not fast to manipulate.

[Image: f4ICqqz.jpg][Image: Fp08EUy.jpg]

The Shield is a little bit longer, taller and blockier than the LC9 but has good sights. Not sure if the grip is thinner or not since I have Hogue grips on the Ruger to thicken them up. May do the same for the Shield after I shoot it. May also add a belt clip to it. A nice touch is that the Shield does take down like an XD however. Lock the slide back, flip the lever on the frame, release the slide and it comes right off.

None the less I'm looking forward to shooting the Shield when I go up to my hunting property at the end of the week. I'll report back after I shoot it.

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  Blow gun and darts
Posted by: ghost - 10-27-2019, 03:56 AM - Forum: DIY - Replies (1)

Made the mouthpiece buy turning down a piece of Japanese plum.


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