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  Make a Fire With AA batteries And a Bubble Gum Wrapper and other ways
Posted by: JRSC - 08-17-2015, 01:08 PM - Forum: Fire - Replies (13)

Take a bubble gum wrapper that has some metallic material on it. Cut it into strips about less than a quarter of an inch. 

Put the metallic side on both ends of the battery and hold on the best you can. 

When you see the paper start to burn get another strip ready to catch an ember on the hot area.

This is a pretty cool idea since the items used are pretty common. If not gum then the metallic "fresh keeping" paper on a pack if cigarettes does the same thing. And the batteries can come from a flashlight or other camping gear.

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  Another Fire Starting Method
Posted by: Tsquare - 08-17-2015, 03:37 AM - Forum: DIY - Replies (5)

Most of us know that an electrical spark in 000 or 0000 steel wool will catch it on fire. Getting that electrical spark can be the problem.  I have a hand crank alternator that can generate 97 volts AC. I  acquired it from the guts of an old military point-to-point cricket phone. I think the nomenclature was a TA-312.

The old phones worked off of 2 "D" cell batteries at each end to provide the voice communication. The ringer was activated when somebody turned the crank which spun the alternator sending out an AC current that activated the ringer at the distant end.

We had a set of these my dad picked up surplus back in the 70's. Something happened where we ended up with only one. Being the creative type fisherman my dad took the remaining TA-312 apart liberating the alternator. On a slow fishing day he would connect two wires to it and drop one over each side of the boat about 10 feet deep and crank it. The stunned fish would float to the surface showing him that he was in an area that had fish. Rolleyes

When he passed away and I was cleaning out his belongings I ran across the hand alternator. My use is a little different than dad's. When I connect one wire to the steel wool and have the other floating on top of the puffed out steel wool mass I can spin the crank over about 3 times and the ball of 0000 steel wool is now ablaze with a small fire.

The same principal can be used with DC batteries. A lantern battery is probably the easiest because of the location of the posts.  Here is a YouTube video using a Maglight to start a fire:  

BTW: the inside of a lantern battery contains 4 "F" batteries. At one time they contained "AA" batteries that were configured in a series/parallel configuration to yield 6 volts but with the advent of the "F" battery it made the "AA" manufacturing process obsolete and over twice as expensive as the "F" batteries so the 6 volt manufacturing process was changed.

OK For some reason I cant get the video to work in my post. The URL is:


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  Primitive Weapons Sources
Posted by: JRSC - 08-16-2015, 08:54 PM - Forum: Resources and reviews - Replies (3)

Got any resources on primitive weapon supplies and how-tos?



Primitive Bow Survival Bow with Arrows

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  Can't post pictures
Posted by: ghost - 08-14-2015, 01:44 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (4)

Why can't I post pictures.

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  His life matters
Posted by: David - 08-13-2015, 04:09 PM - Forum: The Pub - Replies (5)

[Image: 11880573_10153641221512994_6217856979558449486_n.jpg]

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Big Grin Gun safety gone wrong
Posted by: David - 08-13-2015, 02:01 PM - Forum: Good for a Laugh - No Replies

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Thumbs Up Armed citizens defending themselves
Posted by: David - 08-13-2015, 12:23 PM - Forum: Defense - Replies (4)

Only problem is that the media doesn't know what an assault rifle means.

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  2 Goats
Posted by: JRSC - 08-13-2015, 02:52 AM - Forum: Good for a Laugh - No Replies

2 goats walk in a movie theater. As they're watching a movie one of the goats notices a box of film in the corner. Naturally, being goats they get up and start snacking on the film. Well, after eating all of the film as well as the box, one goat says to the other, "well, how'd you like that?" The other goat replied "it was pretty good. But the book was much better."

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  Canning Meat
Posted by: JRSC - 08-12-2015, 10:39 PM - Forum: Food - Replies (7)

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Information The armed citizen in Ferguson
Posted by: David - 08-12-2015, 02:45 PM - Forum: The Pub - Replies (12)

Looking at CNN yesterday, along with several liberal media outlets this morning at the 'Oath Keepers' that arrived in Ferguson.  They touted them as causing a problem and terrorizing black people in the black community.  Here's an example of the hate and terror they were pouring out on the black community:

This is how the media outlets described the above:

Far-right extremists patrol Ferguson: Oath Keepers militiamen descend on city

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