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Lightbulb All Bleach is NOT Created Equal!
Posted by: David - 07-11-2015, 02:49 PM - Forum: Resources and reviews - Replies (4)

Good info to know and pass on Smile

All Bleach is NOT Created Equal!

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Question What would we do if the lights went out?
Posted by: David - 07-11-2015, 02:41 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (31)

Judge Jeanine: What would we do if the lights went out?

And it really doesn't matter if it was an EMP or a cyber attack on the grid (or a combination), the result is the same. And here's the thing, thanks to the lame-stream media the majority of people don't have a clue about what is going on in their own country. That, and the sheeple/entitlement mentality.

People go, 'an attack on the power grid...what's the power grid? Oh, that could never happen'. And they don't realize that it already has happened on a limited/testing scale. The link I have in my post above is a good example. Only Fox and the Christian stations are picking up on this and trying to get the word out. Think about it, in California last year a group of still unidentified individuals penetrated a power station's security. Then knew exactly where the underground relays were housed. The knew exactly which systems to cut. They knew exactly where to be in the tree line so they would not be on camera. They knew exactly what to fire on and where to cause a failure. They didn't leave boot prints or vehicle prints. Either Bubba and the boys really got lucky on their Friday night bender (no cows to tip over) or this was a concerted probe of the defenses and capabilities of specific power stations and the feasibility to crash them in a very short amount of time.

[/url]NSA Director: Yes, China Can Shut Down Our Power Grids[url=http://www.businessinsider.com/nsa-director-yes-china-can-shut-down-our-power-grids-2014-11#ixzz3Jea4mc9c%3C/a%3E]

It would take a complete idiot with his/her head in the sand to not realize that there are cells in this country waiting for the 'go-order'. I know, I've had breakfast with a former member of one of those cells who is now a good guy.

Funny thing is that the information that directly affects them is available to people if they could just pull themselves away for Dancing with the Stars and the Oscars and the Soap Operas long enough to look....

I've seen other sources/networks picking up on this story. Even the lame-stream media has started to take a little notice. That is encouraging from the stand point of maybe more people waking up to the danger this may poise.

Comment from one person interviewed caught my attention. He said basically that people thing a grid-down event (be it a terrorist attack like an EMP or a natural EMP like what happened back in the 1800's) wouldn't put us back in the 1800's...it would put us back into the 1500's. His reasoning was that they had an infrastructure in the 1800's that worked well for the time, better than earlier in history. But if we suddenly went black, we don't have the same infrastructure in place to deal with it at the level of the 1800's.

Sobering thought.

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Posted by: ghost - 07-11-2015, 02:23 PM - Forum: Camping, hiking, fishing, hunting & trapping - Replies (45)

Any one eles hunt with sling shots

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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  Prepping for weather
Posted by: JRSC - 07-11-2015, 01:44 AM - Forum: Camping, hiking, fishing, hunting & trapping - Replies (6)

I've been trying to do some research on how to personally tell the weather. In the scenario where we may be camping, hiking or even be in a survival situation we should be prepped to know some things to look for so that we aren't caught off guard by inclement weather. It could be life saving.

Here's some good sites to learn from 





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  A collection of PDF files and Firearms Manuals
Posted by: Wolfman - 07-11-2015, 12:53 AM - Forum: Manuals - Replies (15)

A collection of PDF files on a wide range of subjects collected from the net and 1900 firearm manuals to kick start the new board.


I am hosting these off my personnal domain so you do not have to deal with those annoying auth boxes and 1 file an hour from the free file hosts. So please no hot linking.

I will add more files as i find them

All credit the original scanner / capper /poster

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Video Worm farms
Posted by: David - 07-10-2015, 09:02 PM - Forum: Gardening & Homesteading - Replies (8)

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  What are you harvesting?
Posted by: Author Raymond Dean White - 07-10-2015, 07:11 PM - Forum: Gardening & Homesteading - Replies (49)

I'm an heirloom, open pollinated gardener striving for sustainability.

I just finished harvesting onions and garlic. I've been harvesting Sweet 100, Black Cherry and Rutger tomatoes, Golden Improved wax beans, Burpless cucumbers, Black Beauty Bush zucchini and two varieties of patty pan squash for weeks, but I'm in NW AZ at an elevation nearing 3700' where we can grow food outdoors year round (though last year I had to put up hoop houses over my raised beds).

My second crop of De Ciccio broccoli looks like it may form heads before the heat causes it to bolt. My second crop of Iceberg head lettuce is beginning to bolt as are my scarlett nantes carrots and Red Russian Kale.

I'm learning how to save seed so I allow different varieties to go to seed and harvest it. Funny how steep the learning curve can be for seed saving and how each type of plant requires a different process. Good stuff to learn though.

Though I'm not harvesting any yet my Blacktail Mountain watermelon, Golden Bantam sweet corn and Charantais cantaloupe are all doing well. Tomorrow or the next day I'll start harvesting New Zealand spinach.

Let us know how your garden is doing and any tips you use to increase productivity. Help us all learn by including, if possible, the specific varieties you are growing.

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  Bottled water?
Posted by: Ronin.45 - 07-10-2015, 07:07 PM - Forum: Water - Replies (12)

My limited preps are geared towards hunkering down during a natural disaster or civil unrest. Either to ride it out or hide from the initial violence. I figure my best bet is to lay low with my ammo food and water. 

My current water setup is pretty simple. I keep a rotating stack of 4-5 cases of bottled water. Each case is 40 16.9oz bottles so just at 5 gallons. If I'm laying low I think 4 bottles a day would do and 2 a day would suffice If I had to stretch it out. 

I think if I decided to bail from my home the bottles would be a good way to transport it as well. 

What do you guys think about this? Any better methods or additional things I should look into?

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Video Ray Mears' World Of Survival
Posted by: David - 07-10-2015, 05:48 PM - Forum: Survival on TV and other media - Replies (1)

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Exclamation Examples of why one should always be armed in the woods
Posted by: David - 07-10-2015, 05:42 PM - Forum: Defense - Replies (49)

A member of the SRI forum (no longer active) posted this a while back. I thought it should be here as well as it is sound advice.

Quote:These things didn't happen to me personally, this is something that occurred to 1) a good friend of mine and 2) In a co-workers rural neighborhood (a stretch of county highway and some gravel roads where about a half dozen neighbors that have all known each other for a couple generations reside).

My friend is an avid arrow head hunter, he posts many videos on youtube of his finds. His account name is gramps something or other, I think. Anyway, that's not important.

He didn't used to carry anything but a walking stick and a knife, till one day a pack of dogs treed him. He was walking in the creek several miles from the truck and he looked up to see a dog at the top of the bank, which was a vertical incline of about 15 feet or so. He said "Hey there, buddy", to which the dog responded with peeled back lips to display his teeth, and one of those Hollywood sound effect "Wolf about to eat a guy's face" growls.

The dog took off down the bank, looking for a place to get down into the creek, and at that point my friend saw the half dozen other dogs, from coon hounds to beagles to unidentifiable muts, following the first. The bank on the opposite side was not so steep and before they got in the creek he was up the opposite bank and into a tree that happened to have some low hanging branches.

He spent a while in that tree while those dogs parked and bayed at him, with no cell phone signal. And then he spent another indeterminable amount of time after they left still in that tree, before making an extremely nerve racking trek back to his truck.

After that, he carried a .22 automatic pistol.

Then one day, he rounded a bend, eyes down scanning a rock bar for points, and looked up to lock eyes with an equally surprised mountain lion about 25 yards away. They both backed slowly away and the lion disappeared into the brush and he beat feet back to his truck.

Now he carries a .45 automatic pistol.

I don't expect to ever have any problems with a lion, they just aren't the type to screw around with two-leggers. But dogs.. they can be a problem.

Which is a nice segue into my other story:

Out in the country where my co-worker lives, somebody dumped a big white pit-bull. They didn't dump it because it was a nice dog. It almost caught a woman walking from her front door to her car, but she managed to get in the car. She started making calls, warning people in the area because the kids were starting to get home on the school bus. Two other people barely made it in their house. And this was not a dog running up to people like "Hey there's people, I want to see what the people are doing" this bastard was like, full on Kujo. Not normal. Throwing himself into doors, growling, frothy mouthed, the whole bit.

The last guy to get chased, he was staying in a small camper-trailer in a friends yard - he came out of the trailer to go to the house and barely made it inside. He'd left the door to the camper open, and after the dog couldn't get in the house door, it went in the trailer. This guy, admittedly ballsier than me, ran out there and slammed the camper door shut. I guess this dog went completely nuts, just tearing up the inside, slamming into the windows, completely insane. About that time his buddy got home with another friend and they hooked the trailer to the truck, and since they had a rifle and a shotgun in the truck they hauled it out in a field and readied an ambush. One guy stood about 20 yards from the trailer, one stood in the back of the truck, and the other got the door.

When that door opened, that dog came out of there like hell's fury, and made a b-line for the guy in the field. They put four rounds of turkey loads and two thirty caliber bullets into it before it was done, and everybody needed new clean underwear.

No, I don't think paratroopers from Cuba are going to parachute into rural Missouri and take over the place like Red Dawn or something, but there ARE good reasons to carry a firearm (or two) when you're out in the woods. It's not all about criminals and foreign invaders.

Although, there IS the chance of running across a meth lab (and meth cookers) in remote areas.

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