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  I asked Dave.
Posted by: kirgi08 - 07-15-2015, 08:31 PM - Forum: The Pub - No Replies

For this sub,afaik most of us a down to earth,enjoy a cigar/beer/laugh.

Mental attitude/family is VITAL.

Joking,playing games are a good good release of tension.'08.

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  New sections added - The Lounge
Posted by: David - 07-15-2015, 08:21 PM - Forum: Forum News, Introductions and How-To Information - Replies (3)

By request I've added a couple of new sections.  They are at the bottom of the main page in 'The Lounge' area.  You've got the 'Pub' for hanging out and just rapping with your buds about whatever, and the joke forum.  Got a good joke or funny pic...there ya go.


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Posted by: kirgi08 - 07-15-2015, 08:21 PM - Forum: The Pub - No Replies

This will work.'08.

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Posted by: kirgi08 - 07-15-2015, 06:32 PM - Forum: Gardening & Homesteading - Replies (6)

They can help overcome a limited diet,I prefer blister packs but most cos use dump bottles.The reason I prefer b/packs is yer exposing the pill yer gonna take to o2,not the whole bottle.They however are bulky and the seals will break.

Our choice is http//:www.NatureMade.com our local grocer offers them on bogo once every 6 weeks.The multi for him has 90 tablets/$9 for a single bottle,you can get 180 tabs for $9 or you can get a year for $18.Women and kids have the same deals.This is one hell of a deal if you are running short rations.

This would be a worthwhile investment,even shipped.'08.

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Thumbs Up Stored natural remedies.
Posted by: kirgi08 - 07-15-2015, 06:20 PM - Forum: Gardening & Homesteading - Replies (9)

Garlic:has a ton of uses,it fights kills infection.You may burp and taste it does work.

Echinecia,the same and one can grow it oneself.

Milk Thistle see above.

Cinnamon can help with headaches and infection,I wish it would grow here it's a cash crop.

Tobacco can be made to a salve for burns/bites.

Aspirin can be made from tree bark.

Folks,read Lucifer's Hammer it details how to draw insulin from farm animals.'08.

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  Food boredom.
Posted by: kirgi08 - 07-15-2015, 06:01 PM - Forum: Gardening & Homesteading - Replies (2)

Most preppers store in bulk: IE beans/rice/pasta*,the best way ta turn that bland diet is spices/sauces.

Salt is a given,last forever.

Pepper,also a given.We prefer p/corns,less exposure to o2 and can be ground as needed.

garlic,we grow it.



cinnamon,stored.It's not only a great spice it has medicinal qualities.We store in sealed stick form.

curry,some folk like it,I don't.I prefer mild to wild and Kat loves curry.

Changing gears. Sauces/gravies.

We eat the carp outta rice,we literally have tons of it,we also have cases of soy sauce/low sodium.If you read a soya label the salt content will cause an infarction.The downside of rice is it's resource intensive to cook.We have the resources to cook it,the trick is like beans pre-soak it.

Pasta,buy it/sort and mylar bag amounts for 2 adults per bag: IE 2 bags feed 4 adults.Those are +/- type = you know yer people.
Wouldn't it be nice to pour a pork/beef/chix gravy over the meal.Add a bit of flavor and sorta a feeling of home.I suggest storing powdered gravy mixes,a little heat/water and it's a comfort food.

Canned/jarred pasta sauces/tomato based:

Red sauces DO NOT store well in cans,the acidity will eat the can/btdt.Glass is better,but more fragile.With the spices I've posted above folks can turn garden produce into a great sauce.Fresh and you can make as much as needed.

As ta Beans,they are the most resource/labor intensive but a great bang for the $.Fat/protein/fiber and a good caloric intake.However beans are the most detested of meals.This is one area I'd reckon hot sauce/spices will really help.

We keep texas pete and a few other liquid type sauces,they won't go bad but will lose potency after opening.Also a little sugar/cinnamon/maple syrup will make them more palatable.

I hope this is a primer for you guys/gals,do the research,the info is out there.

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  Suppressors for survival
Posted by: Ronin.45 - 07-15-2015, 02:17 PM - Forum: Defense - Replies (2)

Included in "advanced" firearms is the wonderful world of NFA. This includes suppressors or silencers(both are acceptable). These can be useful in survival and defensive situations. Besides protecting your hearing, they allow you to take game without spooking all the other animals. If you are worried about hostile survivors, the suppressor is much less likely to draw their attention.

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Information Deal Alert Thread
Posted by: David - 07-15-2015, 12:22 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (152)

This seemed to be a very popular thread on the old board (and GT) so I figured I'd start one here.  If you come across a good deal, be it a piece of gear, ammo, a class or whatever, pass it along.  If you can post a link that would be great along with any additional info that would be great.

So post those deals Smile

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  [split] USB SDR (Software Defined Radio)
Posted by: Racer - 07-15-2015, 03:13 AM - Forum: Communications - Replies (3)

I have something to post there you might like. For 12 dollars on Amazon you can buy a USB SDR (Software Defined Radio) dongle and with the right software it can receive FM radio / police / fire / weather / CB and just about anything in most of the radio spectrum. It can read telemetry data of planes passing overhead and even decode satellite and cellular signals. People are using it to build weather stations and radio astronomy and hackers are using it to read car key fobs and garage door openers.

Of course it comes with a little hokey antenna but you can get a fitting and hook it up to any big FM / TV antenna and when I hear "unit 135, go ahead" it's like they are keying the mike in my room. I think I did write an article about it but it's a complex subject and I think there's going to be a lot more posts.

Did I mention it costs 12 dollars? It's legal because it's receive only, though people are selling custom versions where you can transmit legally on some frequencies if you have a ham license. I think it's called HackRF. It's for hobbyist / hardware development and it won't stop you from transmitting on any frequency.

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  This forum will be about non phone type communication
Posted by: kirgi08 - 07-14-2015, 08:29 PM - Forum: Communications - Replies (2)

Anything from Cb to ham frs gmrs pmrs.'08.

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