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Posted by: mac66 - 11-01-2015, 02:40 PM - Forum: The Pub - No Replies

If you get Netflix you might want to watch their original series called "Narcos".  It is a dramatic series about Pablo Escobar and the Columbian cocaine cartels.  The reason I bring this up is because it is a pretty good example of a criminal enterprise that pretty much took over a whole country. Escobar invented NARCO terrorism. He bombed buildings, planes everything. He paid a commie revolutionary group to storm the country's supreme court building, killing most of the Justices and burning all the evidence against him. He bought off or killed off  hundreds of politicians, army and police officers essentially turning that country into a lawless state. His motto was "Silver or lead?" Take the silver or get the lead. It got me thinking. Is that what "without rule of law" would look like?

The series is somewhat over dramatized and not always historically accurate but it can be supplemented by a couple other documentaries on Netflix.   I also highly recommend reading Killing Pablo by Mark Bowden and/or watching the History Channel documentary called The Real Story of Killing Pablo which is based on the book. I think it is on Youtube.

If you know the story you know that Escobar was eventually killed and his cartel broken up. This was done in part by the formation of a paramilitary vigilante group called Los Pepes. PEPES  stood for People Persecuted by Pablo Escobar. It was kind of an interesting mix of vigilante police and military officers with intelligence support from our DEA and CIA largely funded by other drug cartels. These were essentially death squads who targeted Escobar's men, friends and family. When the police and military couldn't take Escobar down, Los Pepes did by killng his men, and destroying his property and assets. Ironically, Los Pepes turned into a right wing paramilitary group who now control a large part of Columbia. Once a group gets some power, they don't want to give it up.

Bottom line. We often read and see stories about police abuse and political corruption in the media. While those things do happen they are not systemic and we do have pretty good oversight. Mostly of those people get caught and pay the price.

It is pretty scary to think about what we would face if we had a country like Columbia back then or even Mexico today where criminal gangs pretty much run things.   We are pretty lucky that the thin blue line and our justice system keeps us relatively secure. 

Of course that may change as certain politicians continue to try to turn the US into a third world socialist utopia.

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Thumbs Up Invite a friend contest!
Posted by: David - 11-01-2015, 02:04 PM - Forum: Forum News, Introductions and How-To Information - Replies (5)

On the 10th of this month the board will be 5 months old.  There has been quite a bit of information, experience and substance added to the board during that short time.  I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to come here and build this community.  As I always insist, this is your board.  It belongs to the community. 

As we are starting to get into the winter season I take a moment to pause and reflect.  Although hurricane season comes to an end for us in the south at the end of this month, other parts of the country are really being hammered by fires, floods, drought, mud slides and so forth.  And with winter approaching we've got those hazards to consider as well.  That's on top of the general lunacy going on that we all need to keep a watchful eye on these days.

Bottom line is that more folks need to learn how to properly prepare themselves in a practical, sensible common sense way.  We all know folks that need to be prepared but don't know where to find some sensible resources.  Invite them to the board.  We all know folks that don't understand the need to be prepared.  Invite them to the board.  And we all hopefully know some experienced folks that are prepared.  Invite them as well.  Bottom line, it's your board so all efforts to continue to build it are appreciated by one and all.   My personal goal is to continue to build a thriving community of good folks here.  But also to have a place of information, exchange of ideas, platform of experience that one can learn in.  And my hope is that folks find stuff here that may/will help them if they ever find themselves in a situation. 

Since it is the time of year for Thanksgiving and giving I'm going to toss this out.  I'd like to give away a Bahco SS knife (SS version of the Mora Clipper and made in Sweden) custom wrapped like in the photo below (I do the wrapping).  So here's the contest:

Starting at the time I submit this post till midnight on New Years Eve the person that has invited the most people to the board win the knife.  Just a little way to say thank you and toss in a little incentive.  Here's how I'll judge the numbers.  When someone joins there is an area to state who referred them to the board.  They need to put your screen name into that section and then it will show up in your profile.  I'll look at the number or referrals for all members at the end of the contest and he/she with the most wins the knife.  If they don't list you as a referral it's not going to show for your credit.  Let's make it folks who will join and participate rather than just numbers.  Zero post members really add nothing to the board.  Open to all members that join prior to the end of the year (excluding me...I've already got a knife like that Smile  ) 

[Image: 13191161505_36825295de.jpg]

And thank you for all that you are doing to build the SEP community.

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  Buyer beware - batteries
Posted by: David - 10-31-2015, 01:58 PM - Forum: Lighting - Replies (25)

Wanted to toss out some info for folks to help when choosing rechargeable batteries, particularly lithium ion batteries. 

To begin with, be very careful with XXXXfire batteries (accept Trustfire Flame - more on this later).  These are typically the cheap blue batteries on ebay like this:

[Image: UltraFire-14500-900mAh-3-7V-Rechargeable...KU-13-.jpg]

They also come like this:

[Image: sku_160132_1.jpg]

They can be labeled with all sorts of xxxx-fire labels.  Most are junk.  The mAh are vastly over-rated to get suckers to buy them.  For example, a good 14500 battery is between 750mAh and 900mAh.  Some of these junk batteries claim 1200mAh to 2000mAh.  Same with 18650 batteries.  Good ones are between 2600 mAh and maybe 3400mAh give or take.  Some of the junk batteries claim 4000+mAh but I've seen many tested that only had 350mAh.  That is 10 times less than advertised and more like a AAA battery!

Brands that I like/trust are;

  • Trustfire Flame (these are the only XXXXfire batteries I've seen testing reviews on that are well made.  Always come in pairs with shrink wrap and a square silver hologram sticker).
  • Efest
  • Genuine Sanyo
  • Panasonic
  • Samsung
  • King Kong
  • Keep Power
There are probably others but these are the ones I'm familiar with.  Just be careful with inflated mAh claims.  Do a little research to find out what the quality companies are offering.  As of this post I think 3600mAh is the ceiling for a legitimate 18650 battery so if you see someone offering a 5000mAh 18650 their trying to rip you off.

Also be aware that some companies will buy good labels and put them on cheap batteries.  Do some research and find a reputable dealer. 

As far as standard batteries, Eneloop makes the best AA/AAA rechargeable batteries imo.  Tenergy seems to be the best C and D rechargeable batteries.

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  Halloween Defense
Posted by: Ronin.45 - 10-31-2015, 01:06 AM - Forum: Defense - Replies (11)

Just for fun. You have to pick from guns you currently own. 

Zombies- pick 1 handgun and 1 long gun. How many mags/speedloaders/rounds are you packing?

Cujo- all dogs go crazy. Packs roaming the streets and taking people down. 1 handgun, 1 long gun, ammo, etc.

Bigfoot or feet- you're out camping and you only took 1 gun with you. Do you usually bring a gun? Is it big? Ammo will probably be in short supply on this one. 

I'll post my answers soon.
Pics of your choices are recommended.

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  Insulated Concrete Form buldings.
Posted by: mac66 - 10-29-2015, 02:36 AM - Forum: Shelter - Replies (5)

A friend of mine is currently building house using the ICF type construction. Basically these things look like foam leggos you stack together to form the outside and inside walls, then put rebar in them and then pour concrete into them. Outside and inside is foam insulation, in between is reinforced concrete. Makes the house fire resistant, very energy efficient, extremely strong against natural disasters and bullet proof.  I am currently looking at this to build a house on my hunting property. Looks like it has some great advantages over conventional construction.

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  SOTO Pocket Torch
Posted by: David - 10-28-2015, 01:38 AM - Forum: Fire - Replies (1)

I purchased one of these a while back and it works great.

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  Survival hunting w/handgun caliber
Posted by: David - 10-28-2015, 01:26 AM - Forum: Camping, hiking, fishing, hunting & trapping - Replies (17)

Okay, hunting question to toss out.  Disregarding state/local hunting laws for the moment and strictly speaking a survival situation for the purposes of discussion.  What handgun caliber would you feel is sufficient for what type of game?  Also, if shot out of a rifle length carbine (16+ inches of length) what would you feel could be taken.

I'm curious as to what my 9mm and .40 carbine may be capable of doing, on what, at what range and how effectively.  Also considering getting a .45acp carbine in the future as well.  The 995TS (9mm) has a barrel length of 16.5 and I've seen video of it gaining a tad more than 200fps in velocity over a pistol length barrel.  The 4095TS (.40 S&W) has a 17.5 barrel and I've seen video of 100+ fps gains.  The 4595TS (.45acp) has a 17.5 but haven't seen anything relating to velocity gains yet.


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  Camp Stove:
Posted by: Gene - 10-27-2015, 05:04 AM - Forum: Packs and Gear - Replies (7)

I guess this goes here... Decided to spend some bucks on a stove last week and after watching several reviews on different stoves, I went with this one:


[Image: 1026152150_zpsjjm4jfvl.jpg]

[Image: 1026152158_zpsvms3tzal.jpg]

I really like this stove, it kicks the crap out of my home made stoves. Don't get me wrong, the paint/soup can stoves work and were fun to make but what do you want from a $4 stove.
This stove folds up into it's self and all fits into the pot= packs up pretty small. I gotta give it to the P/S can stoves tho, they weigh almost nothing, this Silverfire Scout stove weighs almost 2 lbs with the pot, lid, fire starter and spoon n fork. 
At $115 bucks shipped this seems like a lot for the kit, so if you wanted to try just the stove, it's offered by it's self for $75 shipped.
I'm looking forward to cooking on this stove.

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  Convoy S2+
Posted by: David - 10-26-2015, 01:17 PM - Forum: Lighting - Replies (5)

I did a review on this light but wanted to give another shout out on it.  This is my favorite 18650 light by far.  I like it even better than the SK98.  This is a light that will cost you around $15 but give you performance many times that.  Here are some of the features:

  • 18650 battery required.
  • 3/5 mode.  You can have low/med/high or low/medium/high/strobe/SOS.  The strobe/SOS feature can be 'hidden' so that you don't have to cycle through them but can be easily placed back in use if/when needed.
  • Can use any of the following CREE LED's:  XML2 U2-1A / XML2 T6-3B / XML2 T6-4C / XML2 T5-5B / XML2 T4-7A.
  • Uses any of the following chips on the driver:  7135*3 / 7135*4 / 7135*6 / 7135*8
  • Last mode memory.
Available on Amazon, Ebay, Gearbest, Fasttech etc.  The company that actually makes them is on Aliexpress:

Ali link

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  Water distillation
Posted by: David - 10-24-2015, 12:15 PM - Forum: Water - Replies (9)


The above link is to free e-book that was sent to me via email on a webinar event.  I missed the webinar but the e-book had some information in it that would be good to share.  How long that link is active I'm not sure.  It was written by a gentleman named Glen Meder.  I don't know him but apparently he makes this product:

Survival still

I started looking at this and thought it was a pretty neat little item to have 'just in case'....until I saw the price tag!  Personally I don't feel it's worth nearly $300 unless I'm missing something critical.  So I set out to find easier and more inexpensive ways to distill water.

These are just to provide some ideas.

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