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  Camp Stove:
Posted by: Gene - 10-27-2015, 05:04 AM - Forum: Packs and Gear - Replies (7)

I guess this goes here... Decided to spend some bucks on a stove last week and after watching several reviews on different stoves, I went with this one:


[Image: 1026152150_zpsjjm4jfvl.jpg]

[Image: 1026152158_zpsvms3tzal.jpg]

I really like this stove, it kicks the crap out of my home made stoves. Don't get me wrong, the paint/soup can stoves work and were fun to make but what do you want from a $4 stove.
This stove folds up into it's self and all fits into the pot= packs up pretty small. I gotta give it to the P/S can stoves tho, they weigh almost nothing, this Silverfire Scout stove weighs almost 2 lbs with the pot, lid, fire starter and spoon n fork. 
At $115 bucks shipped this seems like a lot for the kit, so if you wanted to try just the stove, it's offered by it's self for $75 shipped.
I'm looking forward to cooking on this stove.

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  Convoy S2+
Posted by: David - 10-26-2015, 01:17 PM - Forum: Lighting - Replies (5)

I did a review on this light but wanted to give another shout out on it.  This is my favorite 18650 light by far.  I like it even better than the SK98.  This is a light that will cost you around $15 but give you performance many times that.  Here are some of the features:

  • 18650 battery required.
  • 3/5 mode.  You can have low/med/high or low/medium/high/strobe/SOS.  The strobe/SOS feature can be 'hidden' so that you don't have to cycle through them but can be easily placed back in use if/when needed.
  • Can use any of the following CREE LED's:  XML2 U2-1A / XML2 T6-3B / XML2 T6-4C / XML2 T5-5B / XML2 T4-7A.
  • Uses any of the following chips on the driver:  7135*3 / 7135*4 / 7135*6 / 7135*8
  • Last mode memory.
Available on Amazon, Ebay, Gearbest, Fasttech etc.  The company that actually makes them is on Aliexpress:

Ali link

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  Water distillation
Posted by: David - 10-24-2015, 12:15 PM - Forum: Water - Replies (9)


The above link is to free e-book that was sent to me via email on a webinar event.  I missed the webinar but the e-book had some information in it that would be good to share.  How long that link is active I'm not sure.  It was written by a gentleman named Glen Meder.  I don't know him but apparently he makes this product:

Survival still

I started looking at this and thought it was a pretty neat little item to have 'just in case'....until I saw the price tag!  Personally I don't feel it's worth nearly $300 unless I'm missing something critical.  So I set out to find easier and more inexpensive ways to distill water.

These are just to provide some ideas.

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  Ballistics 101
Posted by: David - 10-22-2015, 04:58 PM - Forum: Resources and reviews - Replies (1)

Ballistics 101

Found a good resource for the ballistics of various handgun/rifle calibers.  Listed by caliber and manufacturer.

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  Grail Gun
Posted by: Tsquare - 10-22-2015, 02:29 AM - Forum: Defense - No Replies

What gun would you like to have but cannot because of laws, availability, or cost?

When I was in Afghanistan as a contractor we were allowed to carry weapons for a number of years. I carried an under-folder AK74 that was a POS and I had trouble finding ammo for it. I quickly got rid of that and got a 9mm MP40 that I carried for a while until it started dumping the entire mag when the sear broke. I traded it for a AEK-919K that I kept until the Army decided contractors shouldn't have weapons.  I had carried it for about 3 years and sold it to an Aussie contractor for half a case of Scotch since I couldn't ship it home.  

The 919 was the Russian answer to an UZI but in 9x18 Mak. It came with a removable suppressor and was shorter and lighter than the MP40. I had a shoulder harness and a belt tear away velcro that kept the 919 on my side. It had a selector switch for semi or full auto and a 900 round per min fire rate. It originally came with five 20 round mags and five 30 round mags. I picked up 6 more 30 round mags shortly after I got it.  It was a good close range defense weapon but a bit big to truly conceal carry.  If the suppressor was off and the collapsible stock removed it is slightly smaller than a Desert Eagle 44 Automag. It is a big handgun but it shot well, almost no recoil even though it was a blow-back system, and was fun to shoot. 

This is my Grail Gun. It makes the grail status because it is select fire and production didn't start until the 90's so it cannot be legally imported.
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSibTN5gYtXZYftzVf--Hr...FmC52_kO0w]

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  How Far Will a 9mm Kill?
Posted by: David - 10-21-2015, 08:26 PM - Forum: Defense - Replies (6)

Interesting video series on the penetration capabilities of the 9mm.  Of course 'kill' is a subjective term but it does give some interesting results on penetration.  I was a bit surprised too be honest.

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  The Pub
Posted by: JRSC - 10-21-2015, 05:09 PM - Forum: The Pub - Replies (18)

So, how's everybody doing? What's going on with ya's? Anything new?

Drop by for some small talk... No big whoop. 

Pull up a chair and sit a spell.

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  Trunk gun
Posted by: David - 10-19-2015, 03:42 PM - Forum: Defense - Replies (50)

In the 'rifle' thread I started pondering getting a second Hi Point 995TS for my vehicle.  Couple of days ago I got the following newsletter from CTD on this very topic:

It Ain’t a Party ‘Till the Trunk Guns Come Out: Top 10 Choices

Take a look and see how you stack up the authors choices.  Interestingly enough the 995TS is on the list.

What's your thoughts on a trunk gun.  I'd also like to see additional ideas on how to secure it. As I mentioned in the rifle thread, I have a Kia Sportage SUV so I don't have a trunk.  Additional thoughts on that.


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  Interesting cabins/RV
Posted by: mac66 - 10-18-2015, 05:26 PM - Forum: Shelter - No Replies

On a recent trip to Alaska I was in Homer on the Spit.  The Spit is 5 mile long narrow peninsula that sticks out into the bay. It is where all the fishing boats (hundreds if not thousands) are and there are shops, bars, campgrounds etc the length of it.   My wife and I were walking along the waterfront and saw these cabins on top of shipping containers. There were dozens of them. Note the fences between the cabins. I don't know the use but I presume they are for the crews of the fishing boats while they are ashore.

[Image: DSCN2384_zps0nfa5zvf.jpg]

This motorhome was nearby as well.

[Image: DSCN2383_zps4tghb1yt.jpg]

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  25 Survival Myths That Could Actually Hurt You
Posted by: David - 10-17-2015, 01:11 PM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

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