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Full Version: New Handguns/Home Defense
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My wife and I bought a couple of new handguns recently. We had to wait until we were official residents of TX, then we drug our feet until tax returns this year. I got a S&W M&P9c, she got a Glock 42. We owned an M&P Shield in 9mm previously, it was a little small for my hand so I went with the compact. My wife loved the G42 when we tried one out. We plan to take an LTC course in a few weeks, and I'll be taking my first defensive pistol class in the near future as well. 

[Image: 18403868_10155342614205984_5091296767575...e=59CEF612]

[Image: 18320847_10155342614210984_5101823015342...e=59C35E38]

I also picked up a little CS gas/pepper spray can that came with a mount. I mounted it kinda high next to our front door. That may not be the best place for it, but I plan to also add one by the back door and one in the hallway. Any thoughts on where is best to have them handy? I thought about mounting them lower, my kids are 10 and 8 years old. They both shoot with me at the range and understand what the spray is to be used for, but I just don't know if I want it to be within their reach just yet. I mean, they could use the step ladder and easily reach it. Thoughts? 

[Image: 19989545_10155554429420984_7375324091219...e=5A09AAA5]
Good choice on both guns. Solid, reasonably priced weapons.
As I have often said....can't go wrong with Glock, M&P or Springfield XD's. Just reliable performers in every way at great prices. Well done.

As for the know your kids better than I do.

- If they can see it, they will get it. So consider that
- EVERYONE can see it. Might not want that.

I would slightly lower it and conceal it. Wall sconce, key box flower on stand...something. But great idea.I say if you need to go to the door with a concealed firearm - you need to spend your money on moving, not guns.
I'm a big Glock fan, so I think the Glock is good choice. I did have an M&P Shield, but a friend needed a gun and since I purchased the G43, I sold it to him. The Shield is a nice pistol also.

This is my bedside pistol.