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Full Version: SCCY CPX-2?
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Seems to actually have good reviews on YT.  Marketed as a budget handgun with better than budget reliability and function.  Only negatives I see is a long trigger pull and it's equated to a 10-shot snub nose revolver.  I'm not sure I see that as a drawback since the CPX-2 doesn't have an external safety.  Hicock45 had some like hammer strikes on Armscore ammo but in general seems to fire most anything else just fine.  Seems to prefer 115.

Thoughts or personal experiences...
Went ahead and traded my HP 995TS for it.  Came with three mags, grip sleeve and several options of floor plates along with a gun case.  Brought it home and the wife claimed it.  Well that's okay, figured I was getting it for either her or my son anyway.  The test will be in actually shooting it.  But so far I see favorable reviews.
Seen them, held one. Lots of solid performers in the low rent price range these days.
I cleaned it up and oiled it last night.  Hopefully I'll get the chance to test it out next Monday at the range.  Monday's is ladies night so the wife shoots for free.  She was torn between the SCCY and her Taurus PT11 G2.  Shooting it will be the determining factor.  The SCCY is lighter by 7 ounces so it would be better for CCW in that regard but it all depends on how it fires and how she's like it.  Too be honest, I kind of like the look and feel of it so I'm hoping it is a reliable shooter.  The long double-action trigger pull doesn't bother me in the slightest as I grew up on revolvers.  My first duty weapon was a S&W M64 .38 special.
So, are you out of hi-points now?
I am.  My son still has his 995TS plinker.  Who knows, maybe the right deal will come around and he'll trade it for something  Smile
I decided to pull my comments as they weren't really related to the topic. I will start another thread to discuss it.
Still hoping to have the opportunity to take it to the range this coming Monday and seeing how it shoots.  I've seen some minor issues on YT such as the frame pins working themselves out on older guns.  Apparently they've upgraded to oversized pins after the problem surfaced.  Magazines have occasionally been an issue.  One guy did an easy fix though on YT where he simply used a Scotch Brite pad on the inside edge of the top part of the magazine that touches the top round.  Smoothed it out and the issue went away with that magazine.  

One of the Appleseed instructors I teach with bought a SCCY. Hes had it for more than a year, likes it and hasn't had any problems with it.
That's reassuring.  Is it a 50K+ gun?  No and yes.  No, I doubt it is a 50K+ gun.  Yes in that it has a lifetime no-questions-asked warranty so if it fails...and the company still exists I can get it fixed or replaced for free.  And it isn't my first-line gun anyway so it probably won't see thousands of rounds anyway.  I'll make sure it functions reliably and then the occasional trip to the range.  If it functions reliably then I can foresee it doing a good job as a back up or trunk gun or maybe just some strategic place in the house.

But we'll see first how it shoots, hopefully tomorrow...
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