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Full Version: New sections added - The Lounge
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By request I've added a couple of new sections.  They are at the bottom of the main page in 'The Lounge' area.  You've got the 'Pub' for hanging out and just rapping with your buds about whatever, and the joke forum.  Got a good joke or funny pic...there ya go.

Dave,I'm damned sure not trying ta be pushy.'08.
Not sure if this is the correct place for suggestions but... how about a section discussing hygiene for camping/ after disaster/ shtf situations, everyone's going to need to go poop and I need some ideas on sanitation/ waste management/ general cleanliness ... 

And how about maybe a for sale/ for trade/ for free section? I have seen some pretty cool stuff for sale over at the GT forum.

That should be covered in the homesteading subforum.'08.