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Full Version: Wonder dust?
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Wonder dust Wound Powder, 4 oz

[Image: s-l500.jpg]

Looking around for Quikclot sponges/gauze I ran into discussion on this product.  Designed for injuries to horses, I found discussion that it works on humans just as well at a fraction of the price.  Anyone have any experience or knowledge on this?
If if anything like powder septic pencil...its gonna burn like hell Smile

but reading ingredients... doesn't look like much to hurt you tho site does say not for humans.


Iodoform 2.0%
Potassium Alum 5.0%
Flowers of Sulfur 2.0%
Tannic Acid 2.0%
Activated Charcoal 5.0%
Copper Sulfate 13.0%
Hydrated Lime 71.0%
Reading several boards where a lot of folks have used it successfully without issue.  Has iodine in it so that would also help prevent infection.  I ordered a bottle of Ebay to add to the home FAK.
Reading several boards where a lot of folks have used it successfully without issue.

Why not, in the times your going to need it, the fact that it can help more than hurt is the key factor.
About the only negative I read on any of the 'quick-clot' types of powders/granules is that they can be difficult to clean out of the wound afterwards.  But my thoughts least you're still alive to go through the hassle.  

And I figure the only way to get some experience with it is to buy it and use it for a small cut if/when the next time rolls around.
Gonna run this by my son who is a PA at a level one trauma surgical unit. He was also an EMT.
Well it worked.  Actually cut myself opening the darn package  Blush

Not a deep or gushing wound but a bit more than a paper cut.  Figured, 'what the heck' so I tried it.  It worked and the bleeding stopped.  Can't say how it would be on a more serious cut, but worked for this little one.