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Well let's see... Big Grin 

I was a member of GT almost since the beginning (Feb 1999).  Enjoy the board and have seen it grow leaps and bounds over the last 16 years.  Really stated getting into the Survival section in recent years (use to be the Y2K section IIRC).  One of the things I noticed is that 'survival and emergency preparedness' encompasses a LOT of stuff, yet GT only has one section to lump it all in.  So threads on everything from tents to water disinfection to EMP to ammo selection to BOB's and EDC and everything else gets lumped in.  Lots of good info but several times I had to go searching for info or a link or whatever.  When the boards hopping stuff tends to fall off the page quickly.

So I figured I'd start a forum (I have several on various topics).  And it worked pretty well.  I sectioned it off a bit so it was a lot easier to find stuff and had areas of interest for everyone.  But it was one of those free boards that didn't have a lot of capabilities and it changed hands and started having a lot of server issues.  One of our members (Racer) offered to help me set up this board.  So basically I bought it and pay to have it on a good server.  It can be upgraded and has a plethora of capabilities the other board didn't have.  So I'm as happy as a pig in mud.

One thing I want to stress is that yeah, I'm 'paying the bills' but I don't consider this board as 'my' board.  I consider it 'your' board as in it belongs to the community so I'd like folks to feel and make it a home.  I'm just the guy that does the behind-the-scenes stuff to keep it all good.  So feel at home.

About me....

Well I was in the military back in the 80's doing 'stuff'.  Been a Deputy for the last 24 years and heading for retirement in the not to distant future.  Multiple instructor certifications in firearms, defensive tactics, combatives and martial arts.  Wife got me interested in 'prepping' many years ago and now it's become a lifestyle.  I've learned a bunch that I like to share but don't claim to be an expert and constantly want to learn from others. 

So I'm here to learn from others and if I can pass on a tidbit in the process that someone else finds useful then thumbs up.

I'll be upgrading stuff as I'm able and welcome all questions/comments/suggestions.  Feel free to email or PM me.  Keep in mind I'm still active duty and pull 12 hour shifts (which are more like 14 1/2 hour shifts) so if I don't get right back to you it's because I'm on duty or asleep. 

Okay, enough about me....what about you folks? Shy
I'm a novice prepper. I'm really just getting started with some food and water stores.
I've been a shooter and gun enthusiast for decades. I like to think I'm very knowledgeable about guns and shooting, but I'm always open to new or "new to me" information. I'm ranked master in several types of shooting. My favorites are defensive pistol and defensive 3-gun. I'm an instructor and worked for about 10 years in the industry. I hope to be active on this new forum to learn from all the experienced preppers. I doubt I'll get into some of the hardcore stuff, but it can't hurt to be exposed to it.
Hi Guys,

I'm a 48 year old lifetime outdoorsman. My dad used to take us camping as kids, but he would also put us in all the survival and wilderness classes, so my sister and I  grew up with the skills like identifying wildlife, starting a fire, building a shelter, etc. She entered the peace corps right after college and traveled to some of the most remote and harsh environments on the planet. I became a self-taught computer engineer with a 25 year, award winning career. I've built software that controlled the world's railroads including the NY subway and worked in critical infrastructure industries like communications, medical and financial / insurance. 

But a few years ago my sister started showing me some of her "prepper hoard" like pocket knives, flashlights, first aid kits, water filters and yeah, you guys know where this is going. My interest was re-kindled and because I was making a boatload of money at the time, I started buying camera equipment and every flashlight and pocket knife that caught my eye, and it started coming together on my blog, The Outdoor Nerd. Since then I've held in my hands oodles and oodles of survival and outdoor gear and I know what actually works in the outdoors and what just looks pretty on the camera. 

Then I got injured, lost my job, house, marriage and even one of my dogs died. The kids unfriended me on Facebook. From mansion to homeless. No est bueno.

Now I'm semi-retired living in a cabin deep in the woods of Kalama, Washington state, and building a small software / web consulting company. I blog much more than I used to, so surprise surprise all my blog's traffic have gone way up and now I'm getting more stuff to review and having a great environment to test outdoor gear in. Lately I have been spreading around outdoor gear like Johnny Appleseed and the locals have been spending time with me and passing on some of their knowledge. My dad used to walk out into the forest with just a fixed blade knife and the clothes on his back and come back 2 weeks later looking just like he left, and I'm starting to feel like I'm almost at that point myself other than the medical issues.

Now here we are on a new board. I saw that the old board disappeared and thought "geez, just my luck that right as my interest in some of this stuff is re-kindled." and deleted it from my bookmarks thinking it was gone for good. Then I saw an email from David saying there would be a continued outage and I thought that Dave is a great guy and you guys have a solid community. You guys deserve a top of the line board with your fate in your own hands, and my part is actually the small part. Running a board is the hard part. I had a few I decommissioned because each one was literally a full time job and there's only one of me.

So my passions are computers and anything outdoor/survival. And as you can see by this post, they are subjects I'm unable to shut up about, so shoot me a PM or email any time or go to my web site and let me help you with something!

As far as any role on this board, I'm basically here in case something breaks or there's an emergency.  Ideally I'll be just posting because I love slingshots and air rifles and solar panels. Smile
I reckon Dave has made me part of the staff.I'm a computer idiot,so Racer I'll send all my viruses to you.I'm med retarded former mil and got wounded,Dave has seen this on GT.I don't type well,mostly 1 handed.The folk at the VA suggested I join the interwebs.My brother suggested I join a board called the Claire Files,since typing would help with p/t I have fidoed and type better.

I started preps in the early 80s as a teen,I was tired of being hungry/got a job at winn-dixie.started at $4.25 an hour and bought food with my check.I helped feed my family,there was no f/s/ebt ect back then.The gimmiedats weren't born yet.Now I own 2 homes and rt at 60acres.We homeschool and my wife makes 5x as much as I do.

I got lucky and married a red head Irish lady whose parents are both med pros.I raise security k9s,I've taught them so well when I scold the kid they ain't present,I really think I can help some folk here.'08.
Hey guys, I'm John. I got a great wife and son. I've always been an outdoor fanatic. I've always been interested in Native American culture and such. I consider myself a mountain man because of my love for the hills. In my late teens and early 20s I spent a lot of time in the mountains hiking, camping and learning about the old "hills people."

Ive been into bushcraft most all my life though I never knew that term until I started watching Dave Canterbury. I got into self reliance and prepping about 2-3 years ago. What I learn I thoroughly enjoy teaching.

I have 13 years military service. I'm an avid lover of my church, being a Sunday school teacher, history, knives and being in the woods as much as possible.
I've started threads youse all need ta read.'08.
The Native Americans have always been the gold standard of outdoorsman to me. They didn't need much gear. They lived entirely off the land and only took what they needed. They had reverence for the plants and animals that fed and sustained them. They respected the land. They were fierce but also compassionate. They didn't have ownership so no greed. No toxic waste, no clear-cutting, they were greener than the hippies of today.

They were self sufficient and lived sustainably, and pretty much most of mankind has forgotten what they knew. They had what I consider to be close to the perfect society.
Racer I agree. I personally think that even though we have technology today that the people of old could never fathom, it's a real irony that those people were smarter than the people of today.

I received an invite from David on GT and thought I would check it out. I see some good info here.

I am second generation retired military. I spent my teenage years growing up on a farm in south Georgia in the swamp back in the 70's. I don't really consider myself a "prepper" but I live off the ideas passed down from my grandparents, parents, and military. I do believe on keeping an emergency food/water supply for disasters and having one or two stocked locations that are my bug-out destinations.

I have been in communications for 30+ years. Full spectrum from Telephone Switching, to IT, and then satellite earth station operation and install. So I started in analog, moved to IT and supported tier 1 &2 networking, then moved up to tier 3, and most recently have been installing tier 4 communications.

Welcome and glad to see you here.  Enjoy! Smile
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