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Full Version: Dual Survival
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Ok, new season and new guys..... What do yall think?
Discount Joe and Matt  Rolleyes

I don't know, I've only watched one episode so far so I'll give them a chance.  I'm glad to see Joe gone but I'm unclear as to why Matt is gone as well.  Was he fired?  Did he quit?  Did the producers just want a fresh start?  I'm curious.

Still miss Dave and Cody though.  Don't think they'd ever work together again but if they did and they started doing shows together it would be a HUGE thing for fans and draw in a lot of viewers.  Probably a pipe dream though.
Only caught about 2 minutes of the show. Can't say. I will try and catch it this weekend.
I will say, I will be going in rather jaded.
It seems the roles have reversed. Whereas before Joe was the obnoxious know-it-all, that slot is now filled by Bill (who I take is the hippie) I like Grady, the new SF guy. Seems much more humble and easy to follow than Joe/Bill.

But, all in all, I haven't seen any real changes. Still the same concepts and scenarios. In a perfect world, I'd have Mykel Hawk and Matt tackle urban survival.
Haven't watched any DS since the first episode with the two new guys. 

I have noticed that Joe seems to have fallen off the planet.  He hasn't posted anything to his FB since mid-January.  I'm not a FB user but I check a few sites here and there to see if anything new is coming down the pike. 

No loss there really.  Rolleyes
Well, it appears (for the moment) that they've finally found a rather compatible duo.
Didn't watch much of Grady and the tree-hugger.  The tree-hugger was too annoying.  I did catch about 10 minutes of those two guys from Naked and Afraid and enjoyed it.  They may make a good team and I may start watching the show again.
Well since I've seen the show last, they traded Bill for I believe an Australian guy. And haven't had the time or interest to get to know anything about him.
I've seen maybe 10 seconds of this Australian guy and know nothing about him or when he replaced the little annoying tree-hugger dude.  That guy would have made Matt Graham roll his eyes.

I don't know if the two guys from Naked and Afraid have taken on the role of hosts of DS or if they are just special guests or whatever.  But I'd watch the two of them again and maybe even get back into the show...maybe.

Still not Dave and Cody though  Tongue
And who's the black guy?  Never seen him at all...
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