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Full Version: A Happy and Safe New Year
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Wishing everyone a safe and happy New Year.  Be careful tonight.
Holed up in the crib. No plans to go out until tomorrow afternoon unless it is life threatening.
Staying home... watching grand daughter with the wife. Today's world, the kids had to both work running a restaurant.

With all the crap going on , may not be a bad idea to stay out of NYC's crowd
Happy New year men. We are staying out of the way also, even staying in the house. Seems someone caught a bullet in the head not to long ago around here, falling from the sky...

So here is to giving 2015 the finger... see yall at camp ?
(01-01-2016, 07:03 AM)Gene Wrote: [ -> ] see yall at camp  ?

Everything is still on.  I'm just hoping we get some cold weather.  Don't want 10 feet of snow or anything, but 40's or 50's would be nice for the campfire and sleeping.  

Son caught a head cold so we stayed home as well.  Just as well, wasn't in the mood to deal with potential stuff.  Had some nice fireworks in the area that I could see from my backyard.