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Full Version: Gold, silver and other precious metals
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It's always a good idea to have cash on hand (and in the safe) for those times when getting to the bank may not be possible i.e. local situations like weather or other natural disasters.  Or even social unrest in the area but the economy is still up and running and only your local access is temporarily restricted.

However, I've been thinking more and more about having metals on hand as well for more regional/national situations where it may not be all that temporary.  Whether it's grid down, economic collapse or whatever. 

What are your thoughts on precious metals?  And if you do invest in them, what do you invest in and where to you get your metals?

I like to be as diversified as possible and this seems like a good idea to me.
In almost any situation I'd rather have goods over precious metals. I think it would be much easier to barter with food/water/medical supplies than coins. I for one, would hace no interest in silver or gold if I'm trying to feed or defend my family. In the interest of being prepared for a wide range of scenarios, having some silver on hand couldn't hurt. I wouldn't even consider gold for prepping since it's not cost effective to buy any real quantity and it would be ridiculous to trade for anything short of a vehicle or shelter.
In any immediate situation, I think barter goods rule.

However - in anything that goes to medium term, or economic meltdown….gold, and especially silver will rule.

I'd like to have about 10% of my assets in Silver, honestly.
Greece should serve as a prime example,they've restricted cash "withdrawals" and if they don't get bailed out yet again there will be a hell of a riot over there.This nation is otw to the same outcome,just a longer time frame.Junk silver daily purchases,it's easier to carry than a bunch of barter items and more widely accepted.Gold for larger buys,more bang for the weight.'08.
The wife and I are also interested in turning some of our paper into metal before the paper becomes useless. We just don't have a clue how to do it yet without getting screwed.
Here's a trick,go to places that use "coin" games and buy rolls of quarters.Then search thru the rolls,it hit and miss.That way you pay face and not spot.Laundry mats pool halls are good shots also.'08.
If you have the free time, checking rolls is a decent method.
(07-13-2015, 06:11 AM)Gene Wrote: [ -> ]The wife and I are also interested in turning some of our paper into metal before the paper becomes useless. We just don't have a clue how to do it yet without getting screwed.

Yeah, that's the thing that's slowing me down right now.  No experience and don't want to get taken for a ride.
Research,there are some good COs out there.We have a friend that deals in bulk/junk silver.We give him a certain % at t/o/p.It's a wee bit less than spot and we buy weekly.I built him and his families ARs for free,taught them how and we shoot on our range.Barter economics,the near future.'08.
I was thinking about this today, we really shouldn't have gotten away from the bartering currency like what we had in the old days. As like what we had with the Indians. I hope I make sense here, Maybe I'm wrong, but money for the most part should've only been used as a larger currency and put back for times when we really need it. A trading/bartering system sounds to me like a less corrupt method of funding.
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