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Full Version: Dirty Rotten Survival
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Okay, just finished the first episode.  I know Dave of course, don't have a clue who the other two are really as this is the first time I've seen them.  I enjoyed it.  It has a different take from the other survival shows.  Looks like their having fun and the challenges gives three different perspectives.  And I enjoyed Dave putting his skills out there like starting 6 1/2 fires in 6 minutes.  Pretty good.

Should be enjoyable to watch I think.
Gonna have to catch a rerun. Didn't get to see it.
Episode #2 should be tomorrow night.  I think overall it will be an enjoyable show.  And as I mentioned, the little 'challenges' they have along the way provide a look at options from three different perspectives and which worked the best for the situation.  That is kinda unique for these types of 'survival' shows.  

I still would love to see several experts face the same scenario individually to see who does what and why.
It's pretty cool I guess. I personally lose interest in it after a while. Man I miss the old Dave and Cody days.
I'm enjoying it and it's leaving me with a smile.  Intended to be light and fun, it's hitting the target while tossing in some useful tips.  I give it a thumbs up so far. 

I miss Dave and Cody too, but don't expect to ever see them together again.  I'll bet Cody is now wishing that Dave had stayed on the show though.
Still enjoying the show.  Designed to be light and fluffy and hits the mark with a lot of fun.  They should leave the map reading to Dave though...

Just saying Big Grin
My favorite so far is the Pony Express episode...

What Dave said, light and fluffy and they still try to teach you a little something.
(10-16-2015, 04:09 AM)Gene Wrote: [ -> ]My favorite so far is the Pony Express episode...

Yeah that was a good episode.  And it would be a lot of fun to do actually.  Especially riding around with the cowboy gun Smile
Gimme Shelter is my personal favorite episode yet.
I am left with a meh!
I want to like the show, and the guys all seem personable, but it just doesn't seem to click with me.
Survival, no. More of a Top Gear done for camping than survival. Too far to the entertainment side for me I guess.
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