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I live in an area with 5 million people. The wife's family put together a nice BOL in the middle of nowhere in E TX after Katrina,
The chances of us making it there would be slim. How would you handle disposing of human and other waste if stuck in a suburb? Addtiionally, what you do when the last roll of chamin is gone?

I would think you would  burry your waste but I am not sure about where. My guess would be to have designated areas in your neighborhood to burn and burn the latrine donations. We used wet leaves as kids when hunting and a nature call presented itself.
If you do not have a septic tank you can make one out of a 55 gallon drum a 10' section of flex black pipe and some rocks. Basically an inlet in the top, half way down a hole in the side to fit the pipe. The pipe will need to have drainage holes drilled in it and the distant end plugged up. Bury in the ground and have a ditch with about 6 inches wider than the pipe. cover the pipe with rocks so that it has at least 6 inches of rock around the pipe. Keep the pipe as level as possible - this is your drain field. This will work well for human waist but it can be saturated if you have shower water or other gray water going into it.

A makeshift bidet works well if you have a water source.

In all honesty trying to exist in the burbs in a disaster is not a very good plan. Look at your options for getting out. Don't try to make it on your own. It sounds like you wife's family has a plan but you haven't been able to come up with a way to be part of that plan.

I have a primary and a secondary BOL. My secondary is 2 hours away. The primary is 5 hours. But they are in different directions. The primary is not as well stocked but it is an area that I grew up in, I have existing family not far away, and I know how to live off the land if necessary. The secondary has a 6 month supply of food, a water source, LP gas tank, and a septic tank. I have tools, weapons, generator, communications, and fuel supplies to get to primary BOL if needed.

I am a half mile from the Yerkes primate test labs. My biggest nightmare is that the monkeys with AIDS, Ebola, or Plague get out when an event happens. I have some close friends that are like minded and we have made survival plans together. We are spread over 4 south eastern states but my secondary BOL is the primary for two of them because they live near the coast (hurricane retreat). The SHTF scenario will drive where we head to ride it out.
pWe have a nice BOL that includes friends and family on what is an old dairy farm----one way in and one way out. It's 3 hours away. I better start thinking about a strategy to get there.
There is a get outta dodge thread here,G.O.O.D I believe is the title.'08.
Put a little bit of water in a 5 gallon bucket. do your business. go dump it in the storm drain. Repeat as necessary.
What's wrong with the old fashion out-house?
Been working for years.... easy to make, when you fill 'em up, move the hut.
In the Phoenix area, just leave it out away from your residence. Dries in a day and basically turns to powder. Found this out when picking up my dog's poop. Also,there'll be a lot of empty snowbird homes around me. Good spots for scavenging and disposal. Big Grin
If I lived in the city, I'd make an outhouse.