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Full Version: Ammo Armor Magazine Protector
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Anyone have/use this product? I just ordered 4 (buy 3 get 1 free) for $33.97. Ordered them for the P365. Two in FDE and two in black. When I first saw these I wasn't sure I'd really have a use for them. But I tend to carry an EDC sling bag with me and usually toss in a mag or two so I figured this product would help protect them from getting banged around. Also, if I'm going somewhere, like a wedding or some other situation where I'm in dressy clothes I might try pocket carrying the P365 and seeing if it's doable as opposed to my LCP. I figured it if it I won't be using my normal OWB mag holder so pocket holder like this may work. Figured I'd try it anyway.

Anyone already use them (for any pistol)?
I called them this morning to change my order a bit.  Instead of all 4 being for the P365 I decided to make one of them fit the Ruger LCP.  They changed the order without an issue and they will be shipping today.  Very friendly and helpful.
Be interested to hear how yo like them once you have used them a bit.
Not a bad product actually. They slide in easily, yet firmly. Don't feel like the mag would just drop out. Has cut outs on each side so the mag is easily gripped to remove. Thick, solid polymer. They look like they would take a beating i.e. dropped or tossed around in a range bag. The LCP mag holder will come in handy when I pocket carry the LCP and toss a spare mag in the other pocket. The 365 mag holder fits nicely in my EDC sling back to protect the extra mag I like to keep in there. For $10 I give it a thumbs up.
Nice to hear
Well, been using these for more than a month and glad I spend the few bucks that they cost. Been using one or more of them daily and I like the feeling of my magazines being protected from drops/keys/tossing in a drawer etc.

Still a thumbs up Smile
I just recommended this product over on GT and thought to update my review.  Still rocking the Ammo Armor!  I keep a P365 mag in my EDC sling bag, inside the Ammo Armor mag protector daily.  Don't have to worry about it getting messed up with daily wear and tear yet it's easy to get to if needed.  For in-the-pocket carry though, the LCP mag protector gets the most direct use.  A little bigger than a Bic lighter in the pocket and just as unnoticeable.  Keeps out the pocket lint and protects the mag from loose change and keys. 

Simply a neat, useful little product.
[Image: 48891069026_18253e7217_z.jpg]

Here is an example of the Ammo Armor for one of my LCP magazines.  A Zippo is in the middle for size comparison.