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Full Version: prime rib
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Google is your friend.

I don't have the time or the money to go to a steak house and obtain a cut of prime rib.  So, I researched.

This is the simple recipe.  I am making it today.

1.  the roast is left out to sit at room temperature.  Don't freak out!  During WW2, British officers were freaked out to see African troops being issued meat cuts and not using them right away.  Meat tenderizes before it goes "bad". 

2.  the oven is run up to 500 degrees before the meat is put in the oven, in an open pan.  This allows the cut of meat to be sealed and it will simmer inside without becoming well done.

3.  the seasoning is what you want - herbs provenance, Kosher salt, black pepper.  I don't put gobs of it on the meat.  If you want, you can first rub the meat with butter.  This will cause the seasoning to adhere better to the meat.

4.  the timing is precise.  If you want it rare, 5.5 minutes a pound.  If you want it about medium rare, 6 minutes a pound.  I do it for 6 minutes.

5.  Today, the roast is 3.34 pounds.  It takes my oven about 20 minutes to get up to 500 degrees.  The open roasting pan is put in for 20 minutes and then the oven is turned off.  NEVER OPEN THE OVEN TO INSPECT.  2 hours and 40 minutes later, it will be done and ready to serve.  It will not be left out to cool down.  It will be warm.
Making me hungry Wink
One of my favorite things to cook. Such an easy method too.