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Full Version: TRS 5N1 EDC Tactical Knife
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Armslist sent me an email this morning from a company called Fight Fast.  Giving away 'free' EDC knives with $9.95 shipping.  Looked interesting enough to spend $10 on to give it a try.  Found a few videos on YT about it so I'll toss one on here.


The wife has one, but it is blue. She has it on her computer desk and uses it to open boxes.
What's your impressions of the knife?
Bigger than I would want to pocket carry, a little small for a belt knife. $10, worth the $10 bucks to have a spare. It sees a lot of use opening Amazon packages.
With all the little features I figured it would maybe be a nice spare for the car or tossed in the EDC sling bag.
Got it in the mail yesterday.  Probably a decent enough knife for daily tasks.  Not sure what kind of battery the little light uses?  Gave it to my son to put in his car.