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Full Version: The Next New GLOCK…A10-Round 43X
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Whether you enjoy the aesthetic or not it’s difficult to argue with the reliability of GLOCKs. And although most of us understandably associate the poly pistols with double-stacks, remember, they do come as singles.
In 2015 GLOCK introduced their GLOCK 43, a gun I enjoyed getting my hands on at their media launch event. Just a refresher: the G43 is a single-stack 9mm with a six-round capacity and an overall height of 4.25-inches. So, why am I mentioning this? Because the next new GLOCK, to be introduced at SHOT, will reportedly be the G43X.

Our friends at RECOIL reported it earlier today, complete with a few snaps. And I have similar information from a reliable source confirming it. The 43X would be a larger capacity model – a ten-round gun – with an extra 4mm of width and 15mm in length (or so they say). The higher capacity G43X would go right up against SIG’s very popular P365.
So it looks like the cat is out of the bag. Allegedly. What new GLOCK would you like to see hit the market (and don’t say porcelain…)?
Sorry, Hard pass. Glock must be feeling a bite out of their market share since the P365 came out, not to mention a plethora of single-stacks that are less expensive, smaller, thinner, lighter and higher capacity. I liked the G43 I had but I'm glad I got rid of it. I'll take the LC9s over the G43. And just no interest in a G43X.
If I want more capacity I'll either go back to the 26 or get a 365. A longer grip is the last thing I want in a pocket gun.
Yeah what is the difference between this and a 26? Glock is really splitting hairs with their new models
Love my Walther PPS!!!!!

Best line I have heard about Glock lately:

Shooter of [Insert your gun of choice]: Will tell you why THEY shoot THAT particular gun.
Glock Owner: Will tell YOU why YOU should have a Glock.
I know I came off pretty negative in my initial post, but last couple of years I've gotten a bit down on Glock in general.  Great platform.  Proven record.  Easy to use.  So yes, I like Glock.

But they're too expensive for what you get compared to other offerings.  Now that the 43X is more definitive in what it is...still hard pass.  This is for the CCW market.  So why on earth would I want a larger, heavier gun that doesn't have mag compatibility with other Glocks?  Seriously, I have simply use my LC9s with a 9-round mag if I want to defeat the purpose of the small, single-stack 9mm.  

And the G48?  A G19 sized weapon that has one-third less capacity.  Hard pass.
For a basic service weapon the Glock 17/22,19/23 can't be beat. For everything else I just don't get where they're going with their new models.
I'm hoping it lowers the price of the G43 model. If so, I will pick up another G43.
(01-03-2019, 10:52 AM)bmyers Wrote: [ -> ]I'm hoping it lowers the price of the G43 model. If so, I will pick up another G43.

I would love to see Glock lower their prices across the board.  I strongly feel that Joe Citizen (in this economy) should be paying BL pricing and LEO pay even less.  My cost for a G43 is $380 which I consider about right for anyone for that model.
I agree. I tried to get BL price, but since ESDA director is not approved BL and I no longer carry my paramedic license, I don't get BL pricing.
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