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Full Version: PCC verses body armo
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You guys got me addicted to Paul's videos and I came across this one last night. I was actually surprised by the results.
Interesting results. I would have guessed the carbine rounds got stopped too.

Hollow points generally expand in soft body armor so going to a +P HP in a 45 acp doesn't really matter much.

I do wonder now how a 357 and/or 44 mag would do out of a pistol and a carbine against 3a body armor. Particularly the 44 mag which is the ultimate pistol caliber carbine round. Most 3a armor is rated for 357 mag, not sure about 44 mag but most armor is only rated against pistols, not rifles.
PCC? I'm going for headshots
It was interesting to note that 9mm from a PCC will go through 3A body armor.  Of more interest is that it was Remington UMC MC which is a middle-of-the-road standard loading.  Bump up to a +P or +P+ and the results should be even more devastating.  I actually thought that the armor would stop 9mm to be honest.  This gives the PCC a bump up in regards to usability against a bad guy wearing a vest.  I'd like to see him put the vest on the meat target and fire a good performing 9mm from a PCC and see the results.
I was surprised also to see the 9mm going through the vest. It has made me feel even better about picking the PCC for home defense.
I always find the vest debate interesting. How many bad guys are sporting vests? What is the documented number of these events?

I understand - it could happen. But if after the first couple of center of mass hits that do no appear to stop the target, and you keep shooting at the center of mass with whatever....well, you deserve to get shot anyway at that point.

My PCC of choice would hands down be an MP-5 and it would be EXCELLENT for HD. There is a reason Uber-operators used that thing for so many years for indoor social work!

If the baddies are coming in with high end vests, what I also want to know is how you are dealing with the Flash-bang they roll in first and their night vision....LOL

For vest wearing creatures of any nature I have steel core 7.62x39. Folding stock, red dot. Not pistol caliber but the right tool for the job...
It seems to me that with the proliferation of cheap body armor available to the public in recent years you are more likely to run across a bad guy wearing it. The last carbine class I went to about half the class were wearing plate carriers let alone soft body armor. Presumably those guys weren't bad guys but the point is that it is in circulation more than ever.

Of course the argument cuts both ways. If I was to be confronted by someone with a PCC and I was wearing body armor, what would penetrate? I have some level IIIA armor from my LE days but am now thinking about getting plate carrier type armor (though I know I would never wear it unless SHTF.
So - you are saying: People who can afford tactical carbines, and training in tacticoolness, also can afford tactical plate carriers?
My point: If those guys are coming for you, you are already dead.

No doubt - protection is protection. But your definition of cheap and a criminals definition are probably different.
7.62x25 will beat a lot of lower end armor,whether pistol or pcc/scorps ect.'08.
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