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Full Version: Hunting 2018
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Went out scouting last weekend and saw a lot of sign, critters and got some good pictures on the game cameras.

This dude was standing in front of my camera just as I was walking up on it. The picture shows he definitely sensed me before I saw him. I'm about 40 or so yards away right where he's looking. He was bolting away before I even saw him...

[Image: 4gkBrDBl.jpg]

Quite a few nice bucks using the property.
[Image: Ugls7Bdl.jpg]

[Image: QzNHYHAl.jpg]

[Image: sRjWKJll.jpg]

A kitty too.
[Image: peV6AOJl.jpg]

A cow Moose. 
[Image: Sfm0tkLl.jpg]

[Image: Nj9lO7Tl.jpg]
Looking good.

I'm seeing some doe and coyotes on my cameras. No bucks this year so far.
Is that a moose?
(08-22-2018, 12:20 AM)ric0123 Wrote: [ -> ]Is that a moose?

Yup. Got a few going by the cameras this year. No calves so far this year though.

[Image: XPkd1Q9l.jpg]

[Image: LVoqAtql.jpg]

We've had them in previous years. Very cool creatures.

[Image: 6oMvrltl.jpg]

[Image: mNS6qX9l.jpg]

[Image: ukEVMVJl.jpg]
Nice pictures, thanks for sharing.
That is so cool! I love seeing these types of photos you folks share and really appreciate it. Always makes me want to get back out into the woods.

We don't have moose and our deer are a lot smaller...but we have a lot of gators Wink
I am jealous. We cut the timber off the farm last year and planted new trees. Now that there is no cover there is also no game. I also can't justify the astronomical cost of some of the hunting clubs here in north GA.