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Full Version: Will we have another civil war?
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Several threads have me thinking about if the country is headed for a civil war? No, it is not the threads on all the social unrest. Social unrest leads to revolutions. 

Civil wars are fought over who has the power. The last civil war was fought over who had the power, state verses federal government. 

We are seeing more and more issues where states are denying the authority (right or wrong) of the federal government. Those in charge (at both levels) don't like having power taken away from them. As the states exercise more and more freedom from the federal government (marijuana, immigration, etc.) at what point will the federal government feel they have no choice put to use force (military force) to enforce their will/laws?

I don't believe that antifa or any group like that will bring civil war, but more so when those in charge feel the power slipping away (state and/or federal level) that is when things will get messy.
I can see definitive problems coming with Socialists in this country.  It has now become fashionable to declare yourself and outright Socialist or even Communist.  That agenda of course is to erode society from within the government.  Trump has pulled the country back from over the cliff that Obama initially pushed us over.  Mid term elections will make a statement one way or the other on how far Socialism will prevail.  

California wants to allow illegal aliens to vote.  I'm not familiar if that is local/state or if they're proposing illegals vote in Federal elections?  But I can see definitive issues on that front as well.  

The left, and by the left I mean Socialists/Communists, have cranked up the rhetoric/hysteria/fake news media to the point that outright violence is the next thing on the agenda.  Not the sporadic protests we've seen spring up here and there but outright large scale and coordinated violence.  That's simply history.
Trump has not pulled us back from any cliff. Do you really believe that Dave? Every President since (including) Reagan has been pushing us towards the cliff.
All of the rocks I see at the bottom of the cliff are quickly approaching, and nothing he has done is doing anything to stop us from hitting the ground.

And yes Dave - the Socialists/communist are coming - and nobody will stop it. we have created a runaway greed machine (Bravo capitalism!). And the money is all piling up at the top, and an indentured poverty class is developing, and it is growing, just like the amount of money at the top is piling up. And that's when Socialism starts.

And after socialism shows up, things change briefly, and then a despot shows up, and the pile up begins all over again. Revolution, freedom, democracy, capitalism, wealth accumulation, lather rinse repeat.
(08-10-2018, 12:49 AM)Bob Wrote: [ -> ]Trump has not pulled us back from any cliff.  Do you really believe that Dave?  Every President since (including) Reagan has been pushing us towards the cliff.  

Bob, there is a reason the left are in such a frenzy concerning Trump.  He has delayed their plans, possibly by decades.  That isn't my viewpoint, that is the viewpoint from the left.  I believe one of the Rothchilds' (read Illuminati) stated that last year.  Is the NWO coming?  Yes, of course it is coming.  Anyone familiar with the Book of Revelations knows what's coming.  However, according to one of the prophets that stated Trump would win in a landslide (among other prophecies concerning Trump), he will win a second term and all kinds of chaos is coming i.e. Hillary and possibly Obama being indicted.  That's off topic though and perhaps for another thread.  Point to your question is yes, he has backed us away from the cliff.  The cliff is still there and at some point in the future this country will topple over it.  Again, that was predicted 2000 years ago.  But this country has had a divine reprieve.  

Again, the left (MSM, George Soros, Dem party, Socialists/Communists, Illuminati, NWO etc) were floored when Hillary lost the election (because four keys states switched to paper ballot after being warned that George Soros affiliated voting machine software had been rigged).  And they've gone after trump in every way possible including making up fake news.  Americans are waking up and finally seeing that the MSM is indeed an enemy of the public rather than being the unbiased, neutral bringer of 'here's the facts and you decide'.  

Why O' why Bob would they continually make up fake news and not report real news concerning this man if he were 'one of them'?  Think about it buddy. 

I want you to take a look at this video clip from MSNBC.  Pay particular attention to what Mika says starting at about 0:40...

Is it the medias job to control what you think Bob?  Let her comments sink in...

Wow, she needs mental health treatment.
She got fired as a result of the incident.
The Left is certainly pushing for a civil war. But historically, whoever starts the violence loses public support, and they know that. So they push and push trying to get American's riled up to start something.
Right now, it seems inevitable. BUT, things change.
Prepare for the worse, hope for the best.
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