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Full Version: CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1.
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Picked up a CZ-Scorpion to play around with. Got a few mods done with a few more to go. I'll post follow ups as soon as I get more things done to the gun and a shooting vid once it's finished. Enjoy.

I really like the scorpion. If I didn't like Glock mags so much I'd definitely own one.
It would be kind of cool if they'd make a lower that you could swap so that you could run Glock Mags but it's still not a huge deal breaker since Manticore makes 32 round mags with metal feed lips for $20 bucks. You just can't beat that deal.
I pretty much have the Scorpion done. Just need to make a video and cross my fingers that YouTube doesn't ban it after I post it, LOL
Been jonesing for one of those for awhile. Congrats.
Here's an update vid of all the mods I've done. Shoots like a dream, accurate, very reliable and very low recoil. I really love this gun. The Arm Brace, on the other hand, costs more than I really think it's worth. I picked up the PDW brace for my AR Pistol for $250 and it's a very nice piece of kit but for $200 I expected this brace to be much better than it is. It does work well enough but not $200 worth, maybe $100 or $150 tops. The Manticore 32 rnd mags are nice but they take a bit of time to load. I'll probably pick up one of the Scorpion magazine loaders to speed things up a bit. Anyway, enjoy the vid and I'll talk to ya' later. TN.Frank Out.

Rhonda and I watched the video, but she didn't like it. I tried to convince her we needed one, but she likes the AR platform better. Although, it did open the discussion about the Freedom FX-9 AR pistol. Smile

Good video and I might get to buy a new toy because of it.
Soon as I get a chance I'll do another vid on some more mods I've done. Thanks for watching.
Update #2 of my Scorpion mods. Enjoy.  :thumbup