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Full Version: The local newspaper
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What?  The local newspaper a source of survival information?  Oh yes.  The LA Times did an article on leading causes of death in the county.  In column one was the number of deaths by cause.  In column 2 was the list of leading causes of death before the average age of death and called "years lost".

Circulatory diseases were number one in both columns.  High on the list of premature deaths were accidents, car and otherwise.

Gosh, upon reflection, until shtf, little things like fastening the seat belt, not jay walking, staying out of the bad sides of town, wearing eye protection, really do add up.   A few years ago, a woman chased her dog across the street a block away in the dark and was hit by my girlfriend driving her car.  So, you walk your dog on a leash!

A few years ago, the same LA Times did a survey of the likelihood of becoming a serious criminal statistic.  It worked out to about every 10,000 years for a white male, 3000 years for a white female, and during the lifetime for a black male or black female. 

So, if you use this resource and think about your life style, you are better off spending more time exercising than worrying about having a shootout.

The LA Times found that a person living in South Central LA lived 12 years less than a person living on the Westside.

The LA Times did a map overlay of crime/smoking percentages/alcohol consumption/low educational attainment/high mortality.  The circles nearly overlapped each other.