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Full Version: Pur Voyager Water filter
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Was digging around in my sports closet and ran across my old Pur Voyager water filter.  It is a pump style filter.   This particular one was probably only used a couple times in the the 1990s.    From what I understand it is now made as the Katadyn Hiker and filters and parts are available from Katadyn. 

I was looking to get a filter to take on our backpacking trip to Peru next fall but since I have this one I don't think I am going to buy a new one.  

Now I am debating whether to replace the  internal filter ($41) or just use the one that's in it. I took it out and it not only looks new but still smells of bleach which is used to sanitize it when stored.   The rubber hoses are yellowed and look kind of grotey but otherwise it is in excellent shape.  I will probably replace the hoses but leave the filter.

On the other hand, buying an extra filter couldn't hurt.

What says the hive?  Keep as is or replace the filter?
I like having spare parts for the stuff I will use. If I don't have spare parts, then I like having two of the product.

So, I'm for ordering extra. Yet, I realize not everyone has the money to do that, so be budget minded in the process.
If the hoses are yellow and smells of bleach, I would replace it
I somehow missed this thread.  That's a cool closet find!  Filter does sound like it's fine but if you can swing getting a new one I would.  I'd use the new one and keep the one you presently have as a back up.  The hoses should be simple and inexpensive to change out so I'd definitely go that route.