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Full Version: Ruger 9E Update.
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Quick update video on the Ruger 9E I picked up. It DOES NOT take SR9 sights,LOL. Found out after I ordered them that the actual dovetail cuts on the slide are the Novak 1911 style so if you want to upgrade the sights on your 9E those are the ones to look for. Also the front sight is a .260" and the rear is a .360" so the .500" that came in the TruGlo Night Sight pack didn't work.  I reinstalled the factory rear and I'll try to get out next Sunday to run some rounds down range and see how it hits. Other than that it ran 100%, no issues of any kind and groups weren't bad despite the POA/POI issue.  Anyway, enjoy the vid and I'll talk to ya'll later. TN.Frank Out.