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Full Version: .40S&W gel test(s)
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I was impressed with this video specifically because it is a locally available round that's inexpensive (Walmart for $20 for a box of 50).

Winchester rounds, I've grown up around them. My great grandpa was head of maintenance, my grandpa on my mom's side was an engineer there, my grandpa on dad's side was a machinist, and my dad retired from there as an electrician. I'm the only one that hasn't directly been employed by Olin-Winchester, although my current company does work out there. Just a few weeks ago I was out auditing the muntion bunkers where I had guys working.

If you want more data on Winchester rounds, here is a link to a pdf:
Just commenting in the .40 vs. .357sig thread on using the G22 as a 'woods' carry gun.  The WWB JHP got 16.25 inches of penetration through 4 layers of denim and opened up like a champ.  That's actually pretty impressive.  No core separation and looked like a perfect mushroom.  

I know in the JHP vs. FMJ for the woods thread, IIRC, most everyone felt the JHP would be better overall.  FMJ would get better penetration of course, but to be honest, 16.25 is pretty respectable.  Might be a different story in hog hide of course but it's still going to be a matter of shot placement either way.