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Full Version: Glock .40 to 9mm conversion
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Other that barrel (of course) and mags, how necessary would you consider the changes in this video to be?
The only thing I did to my 22 was change the barrel. It's been 100 % reliable with G17 mags. I've shot thousands of rounds through it.

I did the same thing with my XD40 and a 9mm conversion bbl. If I was to get an M&P I would likely buy a 40 and an extra 9mm barrel.
Thanks Mac.  I was figuring the other stuff was sorta just unnecessary.
Like I mentioned in another thread, I traded for a gen 4 G22 with S3F 9mm conversion barrel.  Very accurate and shot extremely well right out of the package (previous owner never used it).  Probably going to at least stock up a some .40 S&W ammo but very happy about this being able to shoot 9mm without an issue.

Thumbs up.  Smile