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Full Version: Invite a friend
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We've had well over a hundred folks join the board.  I've pruned the zero post members here and there and right now we're in the high 80's for folks that have been an active member of the SEP community.  I'd like to reach out here in 2018 and ask folks to invite a new person or two, or five.  The more the merrier and an active board is always a plus.  Think about ways you could shoot out an invite to folks via email, another board, FB or in person.  I'd appreciate it and the board will continue to thrive.

Many thanks  Smile
Do we need to let you know when we have invited someone?
Not at all.  And when they register they have a tab they can indicate you as the one that invited them.
Bringing this back up to the top.  We've just entered August.  We're currently at 73 members.  We've been well over a hundred in the past but as mentioned, I prune zero post members from time to time.  Some boards don't to inflate the boards stats.  I prefer to show those that are/have participated on the board.  As with the nature of all boards, many join and for whatever reason never post.  Not sure why they went to the effort to join in the first place if they don't plan to participate but it is the way of things.

Anyway, tossing this out again for folks to invite others to join.  It's a good board with a lot of quality information.  Help advertise your board where ever you can and lets bring in more active members.  I say your board because it is, I just maintain the board and pay the bills.  And it's a pleasure to do so. 

Thank you folks  Smile