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Full Version: Ruger Security 9
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Really starting to take a look at Ruger's new offering.  It has been getting some very good reviews and so far is just under $300.  And I wouldn't be surprised to see that price fall somewhat.  

Looks to have some very nice features as well:
  • Front and rear cocking serrations
  • Trigger and thumb safety (I know some don't like manual safeties, I like them but fine either way.  If I had a choice I'd always go with a thumb safety option).
  • Cut outs on the sides of the mag well for ripping that mag out if necessary
  • Loaded chamber window.  Something I've come to really like on various Rugers
  • Internal hammer that you can see from the rear to see if it's cocked or not.  
  • I like the full rails on this like the LCP and LC9 pistols.  Very beefy
  • 15-round capacity
Mac and I have been in a thread on GT with a guy that just bought one for a tad under $300 and he immediately put 500 rounds of various make through it without a bobble.  Gave him nice groups as well.

I'm thinking this may be an attractive alternative to similar size/capacity guns that cost $200+ more like Glock, Sig and HK (all of which are in the $500+ range.  May make one heck of a truck/trunk gun.  Or a good, solid night stand gun.

Sounds like it comes with two mags which is nice.  Some Rugers only come with one.

I can see how this could become kind of the ubiquitous pistol in this country. Same size as a Glock 19 which is arguably the most popular carry guns in the country.

You just want an all around utility pistol and don't want to spend much money? You want a pistol for the wife, girlfriend, son or daughter to use at the range occasionally? You want to arm your security force or PD economically. You want a training gun? You want a truck/trunk gun or bug out bag/grab and go bag gun? This just may turn out to be the gun to do it. Nice size from what I can tell, nice safety features and a very nice price. I can see the street price on this thing eventually going down to $250. Everybody is gonna want one because of the price. Sign me up when they get down that low.