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Full Version: Colloidal Silver
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Interesting article. My guess of the benefit she received was by putting it on the wound and not drinking it. Silver colloidal does stop some infections. Yet, there are lots of various medicines that will do the same but the side effects are not worth the benefit in most cases. When traditional medicines are not working, then looking outside the box is might be worth it as in this case.

Below is a link discussing silver colloidal:
We drink colloidal silver on occasion as well.  There are 'stories' out there of people turning blue and such.  Well yes, but they consumed an incredibly large amount over a long period of time.  Taking half a shot glass when you fill a cold coming on is a different story.  Or rinsing your mouth or eyes if you have an infection in them.  

I've been using the same generator for nearly 20 years to make our own colloidal silver.  I would put that in a 'must have' for a preper.  The nice thing is that good and bad bacteria are made differently.  Colloidal silver will kill the bad while not effect the good.  So you don't have to worry about all the good bacteria in your intestine being wiped out like with traditional antibiotics.  

We keep a couple of bottles on hand for the occasional sniffles, cut, rash, burn and/or other infections.
Just ordered one of these as a back-up to the main colloidal silver generator I've been using for years

Colloidal Silver Generator

Nothing wrong with the one I'm using now but felt this was important enough for the 'two is one, one is none' mantra.