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I've created a new member group, Forum Founder.

These are folks that are the original members of the SEP community when the board was formed and have contributed greatly to the boards growth and success.  You guys have some enhanced capabilities such as increased ability to give reputation to other members, issue warnings to other members and your listed in the Forum Team tab at the bottom of the main page.

Just a small way to say thank you to you guys the have been here since the beginning and have really helped build the community.

Thank you  Smile
I am honored, Thank You.

I sort of expected my name to be in the Problem Child thread.Rolleyes
We’ve been fortunate to really have no problems.  No suspensions, no banning etc.  Very polite community.

Having a polite community that allows healthy debate is a great thing.
(12-31-2017, 10:49 PM)bmyers Wrote: [ -> ]Having a polite community that allows healthy debate is a great thing.

Dave, I am honored to be a founder. thx Brother.
Good idea. I've been glad to be involved. Even as a novice prepper, I try to chime in where I can. Even though I mostly post in Defense because I'm a hardcore shooter, I still learn quite a bit from lurking in other areas.