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Full Version: EDC pocket suspension clip
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Pocket Suspension Clip.  Got these a couple of months ago and really like them.  Keeps your keys from bunching up in the bottom of your pocket and keeps it all nice and straight.  Some of these suckers are expensive for some reason (like $16).  Can't figure why?  I bought for off Ebay for like 81 cents each and they work just fine.

[Image: p7_suspension_clip.jpg]

[Image: Munroe-Mega-Dangler-jeans-pocket.jpg]

[Image: tec-clip-31.jpg]

Ebay link ebay
I use a long cuff key,works the same and can be handy if needed.'08.
Ordered four more of these just to have spares on hand.  Now 75 cents.  Been using mine every single day and love em.  Keeps the stuff lined up in the pocket really nice.  Two thumbs up for these little things.
Closing in on the 6 month mark for these little pieces of gear.  They're working great and too be honest it's hard to imagine not having them on my EDC keychain or my work keychain. 

Possibly the best six bits I've spent Cool
Coming up on a year now and I still have to sing the praises of these little pocket clips!  Inexpensive and really keeps the stuff on a keychain suspended rather than at the bottom of your pocket.  For less than a $ I'd recommend them to anyone/everyone.

Maybe its more redneck, but I've simply used the flagpole clips for the past 35 years without an issue
Hey if it works!  Wink

Redneck isn't necessarily a bad thing.
I have one of those for my keys, so much more comfortable than them sitting at the bottom of my pocket and stabbing me!
It's been about 3 1/2 years since I've updated this thread.  Still using the same clips.  That's good service life from a product that cost less than a buck.  We've got a thread or two on the most used items/gear on an EDC basis, I'd have to put this on the top of the list for actual daily use.  I have one I EDC normally off-duty that has my Thrunite TiS flashlight, SAK Tinker and peanut lighter.  If I leave the house that key set is clipped in my pocket.  I have one for work with my keys and fobs.  That's in and out of my pocket multiple times a day.

It is simply a very handy piece of simple tech to keep specific gear items handy.
Another update:

Been using these for over 4 years now and I've been extremely well pleased!  I continue to use three of them for the keychains I've listed above.  The one I use at work is in and out of my pocket multiple dozens of times per day and still holds the keys right where I want them.  For $1.72 I just ordered another pack of 5 in the link above just to have on hand.

Very handy item guys!   Smile