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Full Version: Demonstrating fire making methods
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Had family over this evening.  It was cool enough to start a fire up in the fire pit I made in the backyard a few years ago.  Had several of my nieces over so I took the opportunity to demonstrate, and have them try several methods.  We did the potassium permanganate chemical fire method, char cloth and mag bar as well as the DIY fire starter wafers and DIY fuel tabs.  They were very impressed and had a good time trying out the different methods.  

Nice to pass on some tribal knowledge to the family and such  Smile
You may of just 'sparked' their interest in prepping.
I sure hope so.
Great post! People will only learn one way. The cool thing about fire is that it's addictive lol.
Primitive fire is the next thing to tackle.  I need to find out what types of wood in Florida are the best for making a hand or bow drill from.
That's a method I've tinkered with but need to get more serious about. I've spent a lot of time looking for ways to get a fire started as quickly as possible with a ferro rod. Still needs work..

I've posted this video on here before. This is a lot of work up front but after it's all done, you've got a pretty easy method of friction fire. Lonnie is pretty good with fire. I'm an avid fan of his channel.
A pretty easy method that makes you wonder why you haven't thought of yourself.
I like that!