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Full Version: Prep pet food
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So what kind of pet(s) do you have and how do you prep for them?

I've got a couple of attack cats.  We have quality cat food on auto-ship from Chewy.

We get three bags at a time spaced out about every four months.  This has a delivery of three new bags about the time we're ready to open the last bag on the previous order.  So at any one time we'll have between one and four bags on hand.

How about you pet owners?
I also use Chewy ( for the free shipping and auto deliv ) for a cat too. ( wife's cat, can't stand me, I prob cook it if it really SHTF )

Always 1-4 cases of food and a 15 lb bag of kibble

But I also keep a 2- 50lb bag of dry dog food in the basement ( rotating one every 6 months ) for my daughter's rottweiler that she prob bring home with her
Good protection dog, well trained.... and daughter likes the free food every 6 months.
We have two dogs, 1 90lbs mutt and 1 Great Dane-120lbs.

We have a medical kit for the dogs and medication to treat wounds. I have printed out list of medication and dosage levels that OTC can be used on dogs.

We keep four 50lbs bags on hand. We rotate through them, which we use a bag a month.

We keep treats (try to keep one box/bag of extra treats on hand).

We also have old blankets for each dog in case we have a power outage and house starts to get cold.

We have two portable crates (large ones) in case we need to bug out.

We have muzzles for both of them in case we need to treat them or if in a bug out situation they get nervous to prevent anyone from being bit.

We keep a folder with their medical records.