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Full Version: UV Paqlite
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So I purchased the UV Paqlite Scout Pack from Amazon:

Scout Pack

As I mentioned elsewhere on the board, I charged them up with full sunlight for several minutes and set them on the bureau in my living room.  They glowed all night.  Not full brightness like when they are freshly charged, but enough I could easily see them all night from across the room and even farther.  They had plenty of the strontium aluminate crystals in each product (the part that glows after being charged).  Seems like the resin will stand up to years of use.  

I'm thinking about breaking open the mat and using the crystals in a DIY project where I cast my own resin....
So these are working out rather well.  As mentioned in the EDC thread, I've attached one of the rods/sticks to the back of my EDC sling bag as a safety device for when I'm out a night.  Helps me to be seen from behind as well as helps me to locate the pack in dim/dark conditions.

Still putting thought into making some of these sticks myself in a DIY project.  I'll update as I go...
In post #1 above you see a small round glow 'ring' in the right of the screen.  I keep my Glock 22 in one of those small gun boxes with the tumbler lock and set it on my night stand.  When I'm not home it's locked and put away.  At night I unlock it which slightly pops the lid just a bit.  I keep that glow ring inside the box in the corner and hit it with a flashlight for a few seconds prior to going to bed.  It slowly fades but can be seen pretty much all night.  The thought behind it is that at night in the dark, or if the power goes out I can still see a small glow coming from the gun box where the lid is slightly popped up.  This allows me to look over and quickly identify where the box/gun is even in total darkness.

Figure it's a cheap way to be able to locate the box/gun in the dark should I need it.