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Full Version: Glock Perfektion
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I had some light primer strikes on my G37 the past 2 times I have been to the range. The first time I dismissed it because I didn't know what primers I had used in my handloads. This past Tuesday I took a box of Speer Lawman to the range an I had 7 light strike in a box of 50. Something was wrong.

I pulled the gun apart and inspected the firing pin and it showed some chipping. This can happen with high round count guns. I put it all back together and pulled the Crimson Trace laser off installing a mangled pin into the backstrap of the gun - I knew Glock would replace it.  So I took it back to Glock this morning. 

I went over the problem of the light primer strike and also mentioned I was also getting brass to the face on occasion. I specifically mentioned it had been in for a minus connector bar back just after I got it 13+ years ago. The armorer takes it in the back and brings it back out with a list of all of the parts he has changed out. I still have my original receiver frame, barrel, slide housing, and magazine release button.  Everything else was replaced - No charge.

When they give the gun back it has a lock on it preventing any cycling of the action.  The guard at the gate has the key to unlock it when I leave.  I got back to the house with the gun and cycled it and dry fired it. It had a gritty and heavy pull. I checked the parts list and the armorer put a standard connector back in. I pulled it apart and did the 25 cent polish job to the trigger bar and connector. It now has a much smoother heavy pull.

I will need to order a new minus connector to get it back to where it needs to be. I would be very disappointed if I had been charged for the "tune-up". It is just another inconvenience to get it back the way I like it.
I decided to order a couple of things for my gen 2.5 G26.  First I ordered a Night Fision front night sight with orange insert.  Secondly I ordered a set of beavertails.  I'm debating on whether or not I want to paint the slide.  I could get it cerakoted or maybe DIY with aluma-hyde.  Or just leave it as is, I haven't decided.  Figured it was time to start dressing it up though if I'm going to carry it EDC.  And I really like the orange insert on the front sight.
I have been back to Smyrna since the full rebuild. Before the rebuild I would get about 30% of the brass tossed towards my face unless I was using hotter loaded ammo. This is probably what killed my firing pin as I have been shooting closer to the upper limits of the bullet/powder. The second time I got an armorer I knew and let him know about my last trip and he dropped in the current G34 minus connector, new extractor, and new ejector. I got the gun back and his response was all the ammo is being ejected over his right elbow with the new parts.

The next range trip and almost all the brass hit me in the face. I contacted the armorer at his home and re recommended some after-market parts. Right now I have two Glocks. My EDC is my Colt 1911 Govt model as it is more reliable. I forgot how heavy a 1911 is.
Sucks that it hasn't been resolved for you yet.  What are the parts that were recommended?
Just curious what gen is the 37 (if I remember they come in both gen 3 and 4)?
The parts are actually Glock's 45 ACP/GAP LCI extractor, the LCI bearing, and the 45ACP ejector. After I get the parts in, Tommy (the Glock armorer), will go with me to a private range and he will help me tune this extractor to my hand loaded ammo. He has to toe the company policy at Glock to only use factory ammo and they have a 50 round limit and use Speer Lawman 185gr FMJ which is a fairly hot load.

I have one of the early Gen 3's. The LEO national sales manager for Glock was in my Air National Guard unit and worked out a special deal that was better than Blue Label on the GAP line-up just after the GAP was introduced.