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Full Version: Florida Family Association
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Florida Family Association

I've been associated with FFA for many years now.  I'm tossing this out for consideration even if you don't live in Florida.  They combat a lot of the crap the left is trying to foist on us in this present day.  For example, The Huffington Post ran some articles calling our military racists, running fundraisers for CAIR which is a terrorist organization (and on the terror watch list in moderate Muslim countries!) and they defend the Muslim Brotherhood (also a terrorist organization).  To date, due to the efforts of the FFA (and others), 96% of the advertisers have dropped the Huffington Post.  Their going after Nike for the hijab marketing.  And they were instrumental in closing down Aljezzere American by contacting their advertisers.

I support there efforts.  They periodically launch an email campaign and will ask you to participate.  It lets the advertisers know that folks don't agree with the Islamic and/or leftist crap these companies are pushing.  

If you'd like to participate go to the link and sign up.  There is strength in numbers.
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694 out of 718 companies stopped advertising at Huffingtonpost

As of Feb 2018, 97% of the companies that advertised on the Huffington Post have stopped.  FFA has made a tremendous difference in making their/our voices heard and defending American values.

Again, even if you don't live in the actual state of Florida, consider being a part of their email campaigns.  It works!