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Full Version: Dave Canterbury
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News on the Dave's new show (from his FB):

Quote:ANNOUNCEMENT-The time has finally come for me to announce an NEW show I will be involved in that will Air beginning Sept 15 at 10/9c on National Geographic Channel

Dirty Rotten Survival is an outdoor adventure trek seasoned with a dash of grit, “man-genuity,” and a whole lot of MacGyver’ing. National Geographic Channel challenged a survival savant, an engineer-inventor and a construction guru to hit the road and test their mettle by competing in location-inspired outdoor challenges across several states using a different, limited set of tools in each episode. The series will turn the survival genre on its head while our three experts work, laugh and — sometimes — suffer through each “stately” challenge. Thank you all for your patience and support!
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cant wait
Quote: Don't miss the premier of "Dirty Rotten Survival" Sept 15th 10/9C on National Geographic.
Should be very interesting. I'm kinda gitty to see another good survival show.
Saw the first advertisement for the show this morning. Man, Dave looks like a grandpa!
He's got that long hair going on, next thing you know he'll be barefoot.  Maybe Cody bit him or something  Big Grin
I still can't figure out why he (or whoever) would take PFOJ off the hunting channel. IMO that's about the best bushcraft/self-reliance/survival show he's ever made. I'm certain someone could learn more from that than DS or the new show. It's like a one on one personal class.

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